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Friday, 17 January 2014


nicola lynde

These are beyond gorgeous! When I started ballet again I went out and bought two black leos and one navy (my range is shocking, I know), but now I'm starting to crave a few more colourful pieces to wear to ballet. I ordered a Yumiko in a light grey and although the wait is long (3 months) I'm looking forward to trying it. I will definitely check these guys out too.

Kingdom Of Style

I haven't heard of Yumiko before. Holy crap they look amazing! I love that you can completely customise your leotard!


I find this all so interesting.

Question: are the openings on leotards finished with thin elastic sewn in the stitches like on swimwear? Only around the leg openings or neckline and armholes as well? I can see on Yumiko that they are, but thought to ask first. The fabrics look like they are the same as swimwear fabrics, only matte? Do they all have lining, or just some?

At least Yumiko has option for bust panels, next to many other options. I am imagining Michelle jumping from joy!

Kingdom Of Style

I'm not 100% sure what you mean?
Designs vary widely. The Yumiko ones are amazing because they seem to have nice details, like piping around the edges (except legholes, as that would be uncomfortable.
Leotards are basically made the same as swimwear but with a inside bust panel for extra support. Some don't even have that. Some are lined down the whole front of the leotard.
They come in various fabrics: shiny nylon, Meryl and some are just basic very stretchy cotton. I prefer the techier fabrics such as nylon or Meryl, because I find they hold their shape better. But basically, they are swimwear with extra bust support. I've actually worn swimsuits as leotards before but the lack of bust support put me off.


You did answer my question!

I like that piping as well, very old school and also nice detail to play with. What triggers me the most, besides pragmatic part of design, is what you said about the ballet and femininity opposed to the physical aspect of dance, all very simple, held together just by couple of stitches. Like some glorious puzzle.


Although I bought two new leotards in boring black Michelle, I don't need to wea a bra as they are both supportive . I got one from America- Gilda Marx underwired leotard and dansez leotard with a lace bralet inside, which also supportive. The Yumiko leotards are quite pricey but very beautiful looking.

Kingdom Of Style

Where did you order them from? I've never heard of Gilda Marx. You have the same issues as me, so if you say they're supportive then they must be! x


Michelle I have emailed you these links. The dansez leotard is from
Lace leotard #1103


Exquisite stretch lace layered look, microfibre leotard featuring stretch lace bralet and adjustable gather.


Quantity: 1

Size & measurements Care instructions Shippings & returns

The Gilda Marx is on from America
End time: 14 Feb 2014 16:11:21 GMT

View item:
NWT Gilda Marx Black Ballet Camisole Leotard Adult L


I know this is late but thank you so much for charing. Even though I am, by all means small (115 lbs, 5'5) I have DD cups. Finding leotards that are pretty and allow me to wear a sports bra underneath have been a challenge. this store is awesome!

Kingdom Of Style

I hear ya sister! Leotards are most certainly not designed for those of us with boobs

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