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Thursday, 30 January 2014


Kingdom Of Style

Are you kidding, I have a massive Snoopy decal on my iPad! I put that sucker on almost immediately!

Milwaukee is my own beautiful city and here it is on my blogroll! Those bugs are situated between our gray financial district and our paltry fashion district and I am always so happy to see them. Let's see more cities with more bugs (or at least more beautiful skyscrapers)!


Ooh, I love that building!


Love this! I want those ladybirds on my house. I love when you those ladybird cars, as well - definitely I foresee polka dot cars in my future. xx

Kingdom Of Style

Devlin - More buildings with bugs is a damm fine idea. I was going to pop up the Washington Heights Tea Cup too but I ran out of space!

Wendy - I'm sure New York must have some whimsical public art on buildings too. Riddle me this Wendy B - I was over visiting you last week and it struck me, how is it you get younger and younger looking every year??? x

Queen Marie

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