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Monday, 06 January 2014



I was griping about having no presents to open on Christmas Day. I now take that back.


Given with no irony or humour at all? If so, how f@#King brilliant!!

Happy new year Queens xx

Kingdom Of Style

Anna- I'll send you over some salmon and talc to open for me next year!
Sopchan - Oh no. None. None at all!!!!

Queen Marie

Rachel Nicole Trujillo

Good to see the spirit of useful gifts is shared around the world! Sometimes for Christmas I'd get packages of ramen noodles and socks.


I moved to London this year, to a place that sounded to my relatives back home in civilized Denmark, I think, as if I'd moved back in time instead of just countries... Not that far off, either! I got so many socks. SO. MANY. I couldn't have been happier about it, either. I was freaking cold in December!

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