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Tuesday, 07 January 2014



Wow those are some pretty fancy birdhouses haha. I like the cottage ones!!


Those bird houses are absolutely charming! Make my plain old normal one look like a hovel. Happy new year!


Can't believe i have only just come across this post, Mum has robin who she has been feeding all winter, so much so it is literally on top of her head while she puts out the breadcrumbs for him and im sure he would love one of these for next winter! Might need a Two story house though as he has now decided to invite his friends along to the free buffet each morning. I find this rather creepy as i am afraid of birds, and feel reassured that it is not just me who finds the behavior of this particular robin disturbing as i can see when she feeds him that his friends are also rather disturbed about how close he gets to her, something i fully agree with them on! There is such a thing as my bubble space and your bubble space, the robin is all but a pet now!

Wont dare show mum this article as she would buy more than one to house all the bloody birds, wood pigeons, robins, magpies, jackdaws.. it would never end and would i fear become like that film "The Birds" which has gave me nightmares since the first time i seen it!



Kingdom Of Style

No worries Charlotte, we'll keep it quiet.
It's funny but although I really love birds, I'm a little scared of them too.
The Birds was totally to blame!


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