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Wednesday, 08 January 2014


As a student studying lingerie design, I personally love the Suzy Bralette! It's versatility as underwear/outerwear,and chic bondage design influence make it the perfect LBB (little black bra).

Claire L

I just absolutely love the Helena Suspender. It's just beautiful.


I have a MIGHTY NEED for the Valentina Bodysuit. Can't go wrong.

Hannah Bateman

The Abbie Harness and The Carrie Knickers
Sexy, Seductive and Stylish!


I really like the black Karen Knickers as well, but everything by Hopeless is so cute!


I adore the Suzy bralette. It's so beautiful and looks very comfortable to wear.


The Rachael Harness and the Gina Bra are both so beautiful!

Shalini Jayawickrama

I absolutely love the valentina bodysuit! and everything else by hopeless lingerie

bella vine

I would say the pentagam harness is my favourite piece but a close second would be the ramona suspender..

Noëlle Steegs

I'd love to get my hands on the Hopeless Pentagram piece, but it's not clear to me whether your giveaway is open to internationals, or only for the UK? I live in South Africa and would be happy if I could enter.

Kathryn Smith

The Pentagram Harness is probably one of the most beautiful pieces of lingerie I've e'er seen. Suffice it to say... I would not mind having it for my very own!


I absolutely adore hopeless lingerie. So beautiful!
Hard to pick one favorite, but the pentagram harness is one of them.

Hopelessly devoted

Bloody Australia! The pentagram harness is my favourite too but I think about the Luna suspender all the time. My only concern(/hope) is that, on gaining possession of any of these items, all outer clothing would forever become redundant.

Jasmine Koda

I love the pentagram harnesses they are very original, creative, sexy , imaginative and kind of dark and Gothic. I have never seen any lingerie like this before I would love to wear this day and night. I am small size 6 so should defiantly fit into it.


I totally adore the Helena Suspender!
Not sure how it would look on me, but I love every picture of it.

Neko x Camille

I love how the Wanda Garter Tank is so cool and minimalist. Looks quite smart and functional too. Other than that I am hopelessly in love with the Pentagram Harness. Its just something so special and a little bit magic. Haha. Great giveaway to start the new year!


I love love love the Wanda garter tank.

Shona Elise

Love the Charlotte knickers!!! Sucks about the customs charges to the UK


I love the Nina Top, although it's not exactly lingerie :)) The Valentina bodysuit is also awesome if a bit impractical for me :( Hopeless Lingerie is awesome!


So much to choose from! The Helena suspender... Carrie knickers in merino...


I have always been in love with Hopeless Lingerie. Her pieces are beyond gorgeous. My favorites are the Luna Suspenders, Helena Suspenders, Jennifer Frame Bra, Eva Harness, Catherine Suspenders and Catherine Harness. UGH I JUST WANT ALL OF THEM!


Wow, these are all so lovely - very sexy and edgy-looking, but they also seem wearable and comfortable. I've bookmarked the site for when I decide to treat myself! My favourite is the Alice harness, followed by a tie between the Eva harness and the pentagram harness. Whoever wins this giveaway is a lucky soul indeed!

Nikki ferguson

The Lila Knickers and Jane Knickers, and basically everything sheer!!


love the simplicity of the Bettie briefs

Abby Nocon

valentina bodysuit and anna suspenders!


thank you, as always, for covering hopeless, and lingerie in general ;)

my favorites are the kristen knickers, which i actually own and can vouch for their comfort and sensuality.

Caroline W

I love everything in the shop, but my favourite is the Selene Harness Knickers!

my second name is valentina, so I must choose the valentina bodysuit as my favourite, even if I would buy the entire collection ;)

Beatriz Maia

As much as all the other pieces are absolutely gorgeous, the "Nina Top" had me from the second I looked at it!


It has to be the Delphine Bralette for me. Such a nice shape x


I love the Nancy bralette. I'm just a sucker for sheer and polka dots.


The Suzy Bralette caught my eye as soon as I browsed through the shop. I feel like its a piece you can wear under your every day clothes for a self-empowering sexy or for 'that special someone' if they were indeed special. I looks so adorable and so comfortable its everything I've ever wanted in a bra (and the matching underwear are to die for).
I am saving every dollar just to snatch up everything in this shop I can possibly get my hands on.


ooh la la, I adore the Alice harness!


I love the Jennifer frame bra, I've always been apprehensive about showing off my body but I think these designs would give me confidence to experiment and look badass on a more regular basis!


There's just something about the Suzy bralette that makes me feel like I should revamp my underwear collection and leave my collection of wonderfully comfortable Moomin underwear in the past! Hopeless just seem to get it right every time, they remain the only underwear brand that I pay any attention to.


love the suzy bralette


I'm not sure if as a man I'm able to participate onto this giveaway, but I just love the Wanda Garter Tank... it's just right in all ways, since I saw it on the site, I've been thinking on how it'll look on my girl, and the padded room that we should get once she's in it. And this... the pentagram harness it's just so sexy for a little rough play, that I would love to be able to gift it to her so we could loose our minds on each other with this on her... Well, sorry if I got a little carried away, but hey, how can you blame me with such beautiful lingerie and my own graphic mind?


I kinda of absolutely love everything on the site but I think I would say I especially like the pentagram harness- I can see that looking good with sooo many things.

Nicola Hoare

I am in love with this label. I am on their website nearly everyday lusting after every piece. A few pieces I will deffo be getting my hands on are the Eva Harness, Claudia Bra and Helena Suspenders. But I just want everything!! :D

I'm a sucker for the sensual Valentina Bodysuit!!!! Sensual and sexy! <3


The Selene Harness Knickers are divine!


So much delicious lingerie to choose from - but I would have to say that the Selene Harness Knickers is my favorite piece!!

Love the Wanda Garter Tank! Would be honored to win!


The Ramona suspender! OMG it´t pure perfection. (It would also make my girlfriend CRAZY!)


I love the Suzy Bralette and the Jennifer Frame Bra.. oh and ALL the harnesses, since they can be worn on the outside.
I would love to see them go into swimwear too.. I've been looking for a bikini top like their bras.
Thanks for the wonderful giveaway! :)

Martha Fensome

Has to be the Claire Knickers for me, had my eye on them for a while and jump for joy when I first saw them on the website. They are truly an example of exquisite lingerie, wish there was a way to get them sent here without the customs charges! Love the blog as ever xx


I'm in love with the suzy bralette. I could wear that under everything.

Gel Jamlang

Definitely Alice Harness!


The Catherine Harness it's amazing!


The Babette Slip is absolutely stunning. It's both classic and modern at the same time and something that can be worn regularly as well. I love lingerie that's both unique yet wearable, and this piece is the perfect mix of both!

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