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Wednesday, 08 January 2014


Loren Holmes

The Suzy bralette is my fave. It's sexy but wearable you know. I might have to say to hell with the customs charges and finally order it!
Best giveaway ever btw ;) you treat us good!


Love the Gina bra, so different with the teardrop cutout features. I hope she experiments with more underwire bras and love her bralettes too.


I love the Catherine harness - it would add an edge and structure layered over a top - especially white for contrast!

Alexander JE Bradley

Without a doubt the Helena Suspender is a work of art. I love the female figure and I think the waist is the pinnacle. So to have a beautiful garment like this accentuate the waist is divine.


The Helena Suspenders for sure. It accentuates and enhances the hips in such a flattering way.
A piece to die for!


I love hopeless! It's just too bad I'm always broke haha. My favorite is the Nina top. It's so cute <3

Amy Kemp

The Ramona suspender is lovely! What a good site!


I'm in love with the Dionne knickers and the Catherine harness! Both such beautiful pieces.

Tali Duffield

I love the Helena suspender so sooo much. Definitely going to get it someday <3


Ugh, it's actually painful to have to choose a favourite! I really do love the Suzy bralette - perfect for peeking out of a drapey white tee. xx

Mary-Anne Valla

The Babette Bamboo slip, it's so subtly sexy.


I absolutely love the Carrie Knickers and know my boyfriend would too ;)
Mesh is such a weakness of mine, it's so elegant yet sexy.

I have been in Love with this brand for such a long time, so simply elegant! But I am yet to own something by them.
I love the Wanda Garter Tank <3


argh, so pretty, and so much want! Favourite I think is the Catherine Suspender, I love the emphasis on the hip!

LeAnne Whitley

I adore the Eva Harness. Sexy, stylish and elegant. I love independent, handmade lingerie


So hard to choose a favourite, they are all so amazing. At a final push though, it has to be the Selene Harness Knickers. So beautiful, elegant and simple.


I can't get over how gorgeous these are, I LOVE the Alice harness and the Selene knicker harness. They put my knicker drawer to shame!


I love the Selene Harness Knickers. 9 years with my partner on the 15th...he would be surprised ;)The pentagram harnesses would be fab under a low cut T


I'm torn between the Pentagram harness (which would give a really unexpected, double-take look worn on top of clothes and the Lola Cami (very subtly, almost sportily sexy). If I had to choose between the two it would be the Pentagram harness, and I love JK's suggestion for wearing it (previous comment).


I love the Helena Suspender! It looks hot and still comfortable... what a find :)


I've been wanting to order for so long but am sadly too scared for custom charges as well.
Pretty much all knickers have been in my basket already: charlotte, karen, kristen, dionne, charlotte, I love them all!
It's becoming a bit off an obsession liking almost every post on fb and trying to find ways to avoid the custom charges. (Forcing my cousin to go to Australia now, but she is picking Indonesia over Australia :(

Stephanie Julian

Oh gosh they have so much awesome stuff! I especially love the Catherine harness.

Gina @ Margarita Bloom

I LOVE Hopeless Lingerie! I'd adore the Babette Bamboo Slip and their Nancy Bralette. swoon...lovely things. margarita_bloom (at) yahoo (dot) com

Sarah S

The Suzy bralette is an instant classic


I totally love the Nina Top and the Carrie Knickers ...gorgeous sexyness ;)


Valentina bodysuit and Nina top are both amazing. It's too hard to pick one.


As a fellow lingerie addict, I love Hopeless and have featured them on my blog before. It's hard to choose between the Alice Harness and the Valentina Bodysuit, but the Alice wins I think. Such a versatile layering piece.

Gabrielle Montgomery

This giveaway is awesome! I have wanted her pieces for a while just never had the money! It's so hard to pick just one or two things. I love the Karen Knickers or the Charlotte Knickers. I also love Eva harness. It's all awesome so anything would be great!


i LOVE the Nina Top! I wish I could own one of everything on the site.


babette bamboo slip is so cute, i love it.

Sam Scrivens

This is an amazing give away, such a beautiful piece! My first and favourite piece was brought not long ago, the Valentina Bodysuit. I adore it, it's so elegant and looks classy yet beautifully sexy. The lunar suspenders is another absolute fave, it's individual and unique - perfect for my style! I'd love to win this piece!


I LOVE the Alice Harness!! I would wear it with pvc skinny pants and a pvc bra top that I have!


The suzy bralette is a dreaaaaam.

Candie Kapp

I love that this giveaway is happening!
Gabrielle is a talented lady.
Her communication with her buyers is great in terms of showing her work space, details behind a design and materials.
Knowing these pieces are handmade really make them that more special.
I am a major fan of all the knickers sold online, but time after time my eyes fall on the eva/allice harness simply for the strips of fabric imitating a cage.
I look forward to the future of Hopeless Lingerie.


I've always wanted the polka dot Nancy bralette but for the same reasons, I cannot bring myself to order it to the UK :( xo

Kristy Little

Harness is fabulous! But I have to say I am THE fan of Valentina Bodysuit, design at its best. so architectural and structural. <3


Love this brand (and the name, for obvious reasons!) my favourite piece has to be the Valentina bodysuit for sure, can't resist layered mesh!


I've been following Hopeless on Instagram for months now and I absolutely love everything on their site. The Anna suspenders are amazing though; I love sheer, unique underwear and these suspenders are just so beautifully sexy. If I had them, I would never take them off! They'd go with everything as well, and just add a little bit of cheekiness to an outfit, making you feel super confident - even if no one was actually getting to see them, it would just be your own personal secret!

Riza E.

I've been following Hopeless Lingerie on insta for a while and I absolutely adore Gabrielle's designs <3 My favorites have to be the Alice harness and Helena suspender. It's hard to choose a favorite between the two!


I am absolutely obsessed SO many things: Selene Harness, Valentina Bodysuit, Catherine Harness, Nina Top... list goes on omg.


The Babette Bamboo slip...for bed and cocktails out on the town whichever hemisphere you happen to be in.

I love this label! I appreciate the bondage style that also has a twist of vintage lingerie. The Suzy bralette is gorgeous, and i love any of the knickers they look very well crafted. I only wish I could afford her magical creations.

Kassi marshall

My favourites are the suzy bralet and bettie knickers...and selena harness :P so hard to choose!! They're all so gorgeous <3


The Valentina bodysuit is definetly my favourite x3


Every single pair of her knickers! Especially the Lila, Kristen, Carrie and Charlotte. Gabrielle seriously knows how to accentuate a woman's curves! I can only imagine what these beautiful pieces would feel like on my skin. Also the Megan garters, which are unfortunately no longer available. Sigh.. maybe one day.


I absolutely adore her pentagram harness and the Luna suspenders. If I win the lottery I'm buying every single piece of Hopeless Lingerie.

Jolien Hapers

Very hard to choose, but the Gina bra is just amazing.


I love hopeless! My favorite piece is the Valentina Bodysuit for sure.


Absolutely love everything in her shop. Too many favorites. I adore the selene harness knickers .

Lauren Adams

Allice Harness!

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