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Wednesday, 08 January 2014



The Rachael Harness is my absolute favorite of all of Hopeless' designs. It is elegant and hints at the image of wings.

Lorena F.

My favourite piece is the Valentina Bodysuit, it's just lovely and so sexy. Thanks for this giveaway!! :)


Oh my!! so hard to choose....they are all sooo gorgeous :O but if i really have to, i'd say Selene Harness Knickers! if fits so magically...<3


Wooha these garments are some hot sh*t!!! The Nina Top is definitely a fave, of course with some suitable bottoms like the polka dot knickers.

Emily M

I love all of the stuff but my favorite is the Babette Bamboo Slip. It just seems so classic yet undeniably sexy. Its perfect.


I love the Valentina Bodysuit, it's just stunning.


Oh good find! So difficult to pick just one, but I think I would go for the Suzy bralette and the Dionne Knickers. Love them both!


I'm so in love with the Helena Suspender, it's extraordinary, just like everything else on the site!


I'm so in love with the Helena Suspender, it's extraordinary, just like everything else on the site!


I love the Helena suspender.

Rachel Nicole Trujillo

So hard to choose! But the Carrie knickers are great as well.


The Valentina bodysuit! Oh my god!


My favourite has to be the Anna suspender- such a simple twist on suspenders that I'd probably just wear it under anything, regardless of need for stockings!


I'm in love with the Jennifer Frame bra. I think it would be so fun for layering or wearing on it's own.

Nat Scat

Hot damn! Pentagram harness all the way.... the eva harness secondly, although it's all equally desirable...

MON at Little Miss Mon Bon

I can honestly say that there is not one piece that I wouldn't want to wear from the Hopeless range. Everything is so elegant and sexy it is hard to not want to own at least one of every piece!

Olivia C-B

I think my favourites are the pentagram harness and the Luna suspenders, together they would make an awesome dark ensemble.

The Alice harness is unbelievably sexy and wearable with and without clothes ;) although every piece is definitely unique and detailed to perfection!


The Alice harness is unbelievably sexy and wearable with and without clothes ;) although every piece is definitely unique and detailed to perfection!

Kim Green

The suzy bralette looks gorgeous, it might even make me want to show off my tiny, not-as-perky-as-they-once-were boobs for a change! :)


totally love everything about hopelesslingerie. the suzy bralette is first on my wishlist :)


I'm in love with Rachael Harness! There is more gorgeous pieces to love of course :)


Selene harness knickers are my favorite. Gorgeous!

Jordan Lee

I have been obsessed with Hopeless Lingerie for quite some time now. I was thrilled the day I happened uponed her instagram account. Sadly, I don't own any of the items, they're a little out of my budget, but I dream about Hopeless. My favorite item is probably the Ramona Suspender, with a close second being the Pentagram Harness. And I'd love to wear the Rachael Suspender on my wedding night, it seems so fitting for such an occasion.
Thanks a ton for offering this giveaway!


I have been eyeing up the Selene harness knickers for a while now. I just wish that customs charges weren't so high! Otherwise I'd be buying up the whole lot.


It's so hard to pick just one of her pieces but I really love the Valentina Bodysuit! It's awesome!


I would LOVE the Luna suspender! I'm a singer/songwriter working on album HIGHLY inspired the phases of the moon and that suspender is calling my name for a stage show!!!! I'm obsessed with it!!!

I love the Valentina bodysuit as it's so dramatic and sexy, yet simply beautiful at the same time. (


The Eva Harness. Beautifully flattering, with a few less waist straps than the Alice Harness to elongate the torso while drawing the eye down to the waist. Perfect for over or under so many outfits.


The luna suspenders!!

Hayley Power

Omg the selene harness knickers are to die for! NEED! XXX


I just love the Valentina bodysuit!


The Alice Harness is beautiful! All of this lingerie is gorgeous.


The Claudia bra, so elegant :)

Ana Leitão

I've been in love with this brand since a long time, and I really adore the "Ramona Suspender", it's so gorgeous!

Much love from Portugal ;)


The Selene Harness Knickers are just marvelous. Feminine at its max.


I would love the Valentina bodysuit, I would loooooove to show it off. Such a unique creation. I have not seen this type of work anywhere else. So I mush have it


Eva harness because it's rad ;)

Sah Spence

Wow everything is stunning! although for me the Lila knickers are probably my favs...


I am in love with the Helena Suspender. I think there are few things in the world more divine than the female figure, and this accentuates it in the most perfect way. It manages to look dainty and feminine, while still invoking thoughts of bondage and passion. It shows the perfect balance, and I think that is so hard to do in fashion, but the owner of Hopeless has done it immaculately.

scout 2046

The suzy bralette is a classic. I love hopeless!!!

Trisha Mayers

Having made my first Hopeless Lingerie purchase back in September I can say I was not disappointed. The quality and detail is outstanding and to anyone querying ordering I would say DO IT!! I love the Phoebe knickers, never has a high-waisted knicker looked so good! Feel proud to be supporting handmade and small businesses, Gabrielle is doing an amazing job x


The pentagram harness, oh dear god, so good!

Lily, a broad

Pentagram harness of course!!
When I have the money I'm keen to buy some of her bamboo pieces. I know as a products it uses a fraction of the resources that cotton does to grow but I also know that production wise it uses a lot of energy and chemicals to breakdown and create the fibre itself.
Predicament! But its they're hot

Maria Inês Roque

So many awesome pieces, it's hard to choose! I already have the Abbie Harness, but I also love the Eva Harness, the Selene Harness Knickers, the Valentina Bodysuit, the Claire Knickers and the Rachael Suspender. I would go on, but eventually I would just make a list with everything on it!

Flakie P

I would without a doubt wear the Helena Suspender under anything, just knowing it's there would make me happy!


the pentagram harness is amazing! i tried making a pentagram bralette and it was a bit of a disaster... so i would love to own this piece!

Daphne Kos

I'm in love with the Kristen knickers and just about everything else on this lovely shop!


Such a huge fan of this beautiful brand! I'm currently lusting after everything in the new collection! Especially the gorgeous valentina bodysuit! But if pressed to choose an overall favourite I suppose I'd have to say the Suzy Bralette! It's so gorgeous and flattering and the perfect bra to wear when layering :)

Jess Thompson

Definitely the Lila Knickers are my favourite. The Charlotte Kickers are a close second. It's almost too difficult to decide what I like best. In a perfect world, I would own it all! But unfortunately, I currently own nothing from Hopeless Lingerie.

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