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Monday, 02 December 2013



wow i didnt even realise local alteration shops could do much more then take up a hem! i think ive got to go and talk to my local tailor!


Such a great idea for recycling a dress :) Love how you combined it too!

xoxo Iris


That tuck in the skirt is so simple but so genius at the same time. Works perfectly.


Love layering skirts, but I love the look of that pink fluff even more. I can't get myself to walk into that shop, the music is insultingly loud and obnoxious.

I tried wearing baby pink, but it doesn't agree with my blondness. Made me look like geriatric fashion catalog model, so i thought to push it further with the chunkiest chain around my neck instead of pearls. Like metal candy. I think your dark hair compliments those fluffy colors much better, no metal hardware necessary. Lucky you!

Kingdom Of Style

Had it not been for the fact I had time to kill before a ballet class I would not have gone in either for the reasons you mention. Too loud! But I'm glad I made myself as I adore this coat. Is it wrong that I love the idea of a geriatric catalogue model?!


Geriatric or orthopedic chique are highly underestimated, aren't they? Love them.


Great upcycling! Love how you wore it layered with another skirt and the extra drape makes it much more interesting.

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