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Tuesday, 03 December 2013



This brings back memories.... I begged my dad to buy me a Snoopy sweatshirt. It featured smallish Snoopy print on the side and I remember him commenting that print was too small and he just wasn't impressed. I walked 2 weeks with my nose down, until one day he presented the light blue sweatshirt with biggest freaking Snoopy print I've ever seen! He never revealed where he got it from (it was Eastern Europe in mid 80's ). It was the last thing that he ever bought for me because I was since then granted monthly allowance for fashion related costs in order to avoid conflicts. I was only 10-11 years old, but he was sure that I was old enough. When I was 16, he bought me my first sewing machine without warning. Oh, if I cry now, and I will, it will be out of happiness.

I would like those backpacks!

Kingdom Of Style

I guess Snoopy is really a generation thing. Younger people won't have experienced the joy of Snoopy in full force as we were. I watched a few Peanuts DVDs at the weekend, and the messages behind the cartoons were so nice.


I was also obsessed with Snoopy and was always drawing him and re-reading the two Snoopy-specific Peanuts books I had as I kid. I definitely wouldn't be able to walk out of Selfridges without picking something up. I just bought my sister (who is in her mid-30s) a Snoopy Sno-cone machine for Christmas, because I was so happy to see it beside the rather lame toys they try to pawn off on kids these days, and because I want it.


Ah, you are professional, you have a DVD! I had to see some now, on youtube, so cute and cool. The most adorable anti-heroes.

Kingdom Of Style

Oh I'm serious about Snoopy. DVDs are a must.

Kingdom Of Style

Snoopy sno-cones sound awesome!


Oh I love this! I was a major Snoopy fan when I was young so I should definitely get something!

xoxo Iris

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