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Thursday, 14 November 2013



Queen Marie, I watched the film a few months ago and I felt the same. It creates such an expectation on the audience that it was not fullfilled al all, at least in my case.. and yours.
I always read your blog but I rarely commment. Congratulations for your blog
Kisses from Argentina


Somehow I could feel what you wrote before seing it. Thank you for saving me money and time.


Thank you for the warning. I hated the trailer but was willing to give it a chance because it's a Sofia Coppola film. But I won't now.


Yeah - I though this would be good as it's Sofia Coppola, or at least good fun, but the trailer is really awful and it put me right off. Thanks for confirming!


Actually I liked the film, because somehow it is a reflection of a culture, which is very present in America. It is somewhat shocking, maybe unbelievable, but there are people in the world, who are like this. So why don't have a look at their lifes and then be thankful for not having the urge to be like a celebrity or not having real friends etc.?
But you are probably right that you don't have to see the full movie for that.


I agree with Celia, I think it's a really good film. You're not meant to like the characters or sympathize with them. It's more like an objective documentary and by not making fun of their superficiality but just showing it as it is, I thought Sofia created a really intense atmosphere. The film left me with an uneasy, slightly disgusted feeling and made me look at the American lifestyle in a different way.
Greetings from Germany!

Kingdom Of Style

Good to hear different views on it.
It would be a dull old world if we all felt the same.
I just found it so endlessly and grimly repetitious.

Queen Marie


It wasn't the best but it wasn't the worst either, As I watched it I didn't really take in any of it being real but just a film to watch, It's not till afterwards that what you might have laughed at isn't that funny when you think clearly. The world is made up of different types of people some we just love to hate and mock but in the end we all feel hurt.

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