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Thursday, 28 November 2013



It was a hard and beautiful thing to watch. Much more like professional sport, than just dance. Lot's of typical conditioning. Still, Oksana's face lightens up when she says that she loves ballet and that it's beautiful, she crosses her arms, like girl in love.

I guess you are in privileged position to do it out of pure love.


Oh yes! I just read an article about how underrated ballerinas are truly in terms of ballet being a "real" sport that requires true strength in comparison to football and other sports. I only got to watch a bit of the documentary but I'll make sure to recommend this to my ballet teacher, because it is quite a beautiful story!

Kingdom Of Style

This is just a wee snippet of the full documentary. There is a part 2 on YouTube too so if you get a chance, watch both. x

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