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Wednesday, 30 October 2013



The cut of those high waist knickers looks very well considered.
I love such things as my as my boyfriend hates them. What is it with guys and high waist knickers? Conflict of interests?

Kingdom Of Style

Oh I love a high waisted knicker! That said, they can be quite unflattering if they are a little too tight at the waist resulting in a strange little pot belly effect!


I meant: as much as my boyfriend hates them.

You are right, they can be very contra productive if too small. These have this extra part below the waist that makes the transition in between knickers and the elastic smoother. Very cunning. How often can you say that about the knickers!?


My man hates high-waisted underwear as well. Calls them 'granny panties'. Ridiculous, since they make me look/feel a lot better (particularly when prancing around in my underwear) as opposed to the low hipster things I've had for 10 years that should be thrown out...

Kingdom Of Style

Prince B has a good laugh at mine when he's hanging them up after doing a washing - comparing then to tents etc - but likes them when they are actually on.


That lace!!! This is some of my most favourite lingerie that you've ever featured! Please report back on the quality of these beauties as I am sorely tempted to order the entire collection!

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