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Tuesday, 24 September 2013



The phrase "dull outfit post" appearing on the same page as these pics is pretty funny! Not one bit of your outfit is dull, if I may say so. Love the new trews.


It's actually really refreshing to read a fashion blog where the same clothes pop up again and again, instead of whatever new high fashion item is currently in demand in the fashion blogging circles. Much better reflection of reality and shows that the items purchased are well-loved!


So playful and unique!


Whatever you buy, at least you are honest about it.
Some bloggers write passages about them trying to create "timeless and based on quality" wardrobe, under the outfit shots of them wearing Zara season's hits, like skort and crop tops, post after post. Others made their fame (and money, apparently) with outfits that consist of Equipment shirt, pricey boyfriend jeans, Balenciaga boots or Celine loafers, looking cheap like you say, like suburban moms.

We know that your imaginary finances would always first and foremost go to sustainably produced independent design and never to high end. The only way to make the high street product sustainable, is to really wear it to shreds, in most creative ways, and after you think you are done with it and want to purge, forward it for further processing.

True Blue

Amen to that!


I'm with Jess, can't ever imagine describing your looks as dull! And remixing favorites is so much more inspirational than the relentless hamster wheel of "new, new,new" so many others do.


Wow that outfit sings. I LOVE the jacket! Where's that from?

Kingdom Of Style

Also ASOS! Yup I'm all about ASOS!!

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