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Friday, 27 September 2013



Oh, your choices are all spot-on! I'm sure I could die happy with that blue coat on. And I can completely sympathise with the 'shopping sadist' comment. I'm a rather poor student at the moment, but I spend way too much time trawling online shops, adding things to my basket, even going so far as to check out and look at the hefty balance forlornly. A very sad state of affairs... Good luck with the saving, Queen Michelle! x


After a few months of self-control/really not having any extra money to spend, the torment fades away. The longing doesn't, but it does become much easier to pass an online store by...


I just got a 6D, it's worth every penny! I'm a little bit in love with it...

Kingdom Of Style

That's the one I'm thinking about getting! Glad to hear its good.

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