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Thursday, 19 September 2013



That silver croc is amazing! Alas I'm still at the stage where my handbags cost about a tenth of that price and I batter them to death...

Kingdom Of Style

yes, such bags do require saving up time. I remember saving up for my first ever Balenciaga way back in 2004. I was so excited when I bought it! I still have it to this day and it's as beautiful now as it was then.


The second one is worth saving and forgetting that it doesn't have that smaller front pocket for tram pass and lipstick. Now when you are member of sneakers and white soles club, I have a feeling that one could cover your bases too. Anyway, which one would be your favorite in phantasy land?

Good design in general has a staying power, but bags possibly the most. I can still loose it for vintage ones from 60's, even if I stopped buying them. That is 50 years of staying power, and counting!

Kingdom Of Style

It has to be the second or third one for me, in a fantasy land where I can keep white clean...

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