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Tuesday, 13 August 2013



Gorgeous outfit. The dress is flippin beautiful, looks like it's dripping off your body. Now, if you'd only worn a darker colored jacket and normal hued shoes and bag, you probably wouldn't terrorize any Glaswegians or anything. Maybe you should do a parody post someday. Dress up in a tracksuit and title it "No Glaswegians were harmed by this outfit."

Kingdom Of Style

It's my faveourite dress and I'm so bloody pleased I still fit it!
I terrorized some Glaswegians today as it happens, wearing curly wool shorts and these shoes. Poor sods...


I love this look, particular those pants with the dress over top. I'm a big dress-and-pants sort of girl, but never thought to get some lacey pants. Hmm...

Kingdom Of Style

Ahhhhh the hover feet.
You're so right, they gave me no end of fun. Happy days.
How pretty are these. Love the watercolour effect on them.

Queen Marie


Love the shoes! Such a lift on a wet and rainy day.

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