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Tuesday, 20 August 2013



I never knew that you can dye tulle, it's synthetic.

Spotted this the other day. The web shop shop is Dutch, but they ship internationally. Something about this bags reminded me of you. Prices are extremely friendly.

I'm considering baby pink one.

Kingdom Of Style

I did lots of research and most people said you couldn't dye tulle, but then I came across a blog where someone easily dyed a tulle skirt. So I figured "nothing ventured, nothing gained!" and luckily it worked!
I love love love those bags!!! I might need to attempt to buy one when I get paid, although it's hard to know what you're buying on a site with no English. Could end in disaster! x


No worries, I'll translate. To EU shipping is flat rate, 10 euro.

I saw the mid size one, one with the buckle, in person and it looked very sturdy with nice and thick coat of paint. That would be my favorite model too.

Every time I tried to dye synthetic it was with black dye and it would turn orange, which is cool effect with mix yarns (woven pattern becomes color pattern), but this gives me idea to test the pastel colors too. Thanks for testing!


Gorgeous, just gorgeous. I love this whole color spectrum.

Kingdom Of Style

I'm just so glad it worked. Can you imagine if had gone tits up?

Grande Empress Gillian

I know you are covering for QueenMarie while she is on holiday, but as today is her birthday, just in case she drops by the kingdom; Happy Birthday Queenie xc

Kingdom Of Style

Hold your jets Empress! Post is timed for this evening, so you might want to add your birthday wish there instead.


cute sunglasses!



Oh good, I am glad you made it work after all! Love your colour-scheme here.

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