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Monday, 10 June 2013



Cool layered look ! Love it

Kingdom Of Style

You look like a super futuristic Edith Head...

Queen Marie

Kingdom Of Style

Never thought of it as futuristic but I suppose it is! Unintentional, but good none the less x

Emily Fulton

I absolutely adore this post and this outfit!

Kingdom Of Style

Cheers Emily! x


I love that you made your own skirt! And, as always, your photos are extremely impressive.

There's so much clutter out there on fashion blogs that it's lovely to rest one's eyes on an all-white ensemble.

Render Sublime

I just love your style of photography. The high ISO makes for such a wonderfully grainy nostalgic picture. I simply love it.

Kingdom Of Style

Thank you Claudine and Render Sublime for your lovely feedback, Prince B will be pleased to hear his photography skills are being appreciated x


I love the white and silver combination, definitely one of my favourite colours this season. Oh also maybe you should try using french seam for the seams next time. Im also using organza for a small collection and its so much easier to french seam than overlock organza :) x

Kingdom Of Style

I'm completely ignorant as to what a French seam is! I'll Google it. Thanks for the tip x


I love this look and your metallic brogues, enjoy the sunshine x


I love how high fashion this outfit looks I think it's because the photos have an editorial quality to them, love it x


Yeah Bonnie is right you should use a french seam when working with sheer light-weight fabrics because it gives a very narrow and finish, plus the raw edges are enclosed in the seam so you don't have to overlock it. It does take a bit of practice but it looks really good. Just youtube french seams if you want to know how to sew them and you might want to read these tips on how to sew sheer fabrics

Kingdom Of Style

This is really helpful, t, thank you so much x


I'm late to the party, but yeah, French seams.
Seam as normal but wrong sides together instead of right (not that it would matter with organza) and with a narrow seam allowance, press, then flip to right sides together and seam again with a slightly wider seam allowance - voila! French seams.

Something like cotton voile would give you a similar effect.

Looks great, I agree it's very futuristic and pure.

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