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Tuesday, 16 April 2013


Tr3nDyGiRL Fashion Blog

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Estherina's World

Love the layering!

Step into Estherina's World


where are your socks from queen michelle?

Flakie P

Hey Queen Michelle!I was wondering if your new interest for flat shoes had smething to do with your recent ankle surgery???? See, i just broke my right ankle pretty bad, had to have screws and metal plates put in it, and i'm really freaking out about not being able to wear heels after i have recovered from the injury. How is it for you??

Kingdom Of Style

They are from ASOS xx

Kingdom Of Style

Flakie P, after my surgery I wasn't able to really wear many shoes at all as it was so swollen, bit afterwards I was happy enough to wear heels. The reason I'm trying to not so much now is that wearing heels shortens your achilles tendon which, in ballet terms, means crappier plies. I have a good deep plie so I wanted to make sure I retained that. You should definitely take it easy though for a while until your ankle gets it's strength back up again, before you venture into heels x

Jet aka Punk Glam Queen

You aren't forcing the issue, it *is* spring even if the weather won't comply! And its great to see you in your gorgeous pastels! XXX PS the wolf in me howls at every full moon, not naked though! The only scary part is sitting outside in summer enjoying a moonlit night when I hear the coyotes on the prowl :shudder:


Excellent outfit!


Where is the necklace from? I'm currently styling a Nicole Miller dress in cobalt blue and it desperately needs some funky accessorises to clash it up! Jx @bestdressedbabe

Kingdom Of Style

Hi Jo. It's from a designer called Kirsty Ward


Such a gorgeous outfit from top to bottom, I just can't say anything! Blue is definitely your color for spring, and I believe that bright colors are really in for this season. I do hope that Spring will come to your country in an earlier time. Enjoy the rest of the season! :)

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