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Thursday, 28 March 2013


Christina Marie

Very cool work!


Fiona Kelly

Love Katie's designs and am so proud to work with her as her photographer.

Great to see her creations featured on your fab blog.

Marie Ortega

Love the designs makes you want to have an occasion to wear them

Katie Vale

Thank you for your lovely comments! And thanks for the images're fabulous :-) x


Wings you say? Ophelie Hats ( are Canada based and used to be stocked in the good old V&A shop (sadly no more I think though). Anyway, they do a very good line in winged headpieces for very little money: a headband with wool felt wings in black, red or electric blue etc is the princely sum of $24! You can shop online too - I bought a red one which arrived within ten days and perfectly matches my winged shoes from Anthropologie.

Love the blog by the way!
Emma x

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