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Friday, 22 March 2013


AB Antonio Bayona

I aaaaalways wear flat shoes and knowing that brands like this exist makes me very happy :)


I totally agree! Always in flats and these are just gorgeous! Merci!


I pulled my skype eastern connections for you..
Girlfriend from St-Petersburg (where PleaseMachine has a shop)knows the brand well. She leans more to Queen Marie's taste and screams YES! There are not many styles sold overthere, but by her opinion, there is no doubt that quality is good.

Update from Budapest coming soon, as girlfriend there lives close to the shop where PleaseMachine is sold too.


Love the ones you bought. So unusual! Nice work.

Kingdom Of Style

Dust, thank you so much for finding that out for me xx


My pleasure.

Girlfriend from Budapest says that they are very summery, in sense that they are all leather so they they breath very well and can be worn barefoot. She fitted 36, fits perfect. Not all styles were in the shop yet, so you had better luck online.

This is also somebody from Budapest, a friends girlfriend that I never met, but she makes all sorts of things from leather

Hope my eastern network took some burden off your parcel-waiting shoulders.


kinda fantastic :) especially the second pair


I am definitely a big fan of flat shoes, they are so much easier to walk and can look amazing. I love these especially the first pair!


Let me know how they size. I wear a 37,5 - 38 (uk5). What would you advice? I love the pixel print version.

Kingdom Of Style

They just arrived today. I'm a UK5 and I find them quite large. They feel more like a size 6. They are still comfortable and wearable but they are roomy.


Tanks for the advice!

Christina Marie

I love the tall blue and yellow ones! So cool!


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