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Monday, 18 February 2013


Kingdom Of Style

Barbed wire hairband? Oh yes! - Michelle

Mary, We Heart Vintage

I love the barbed wire hairband too! Fabulous!


I need a barbed wire hairband. How can something made to look like barbed wire be so pretty? I'm loving the wing detailing too, how cool would that be dressed simple with jeans and converse?
The make-up for this show was a bit odd though, I've seen a few pictures that look as though the style was 'I showered without taking my mascara off'


Love the barbed wire jewellery, I had a barbed wire headband way back in '96 argh! things you wish you'd never thrown away!!


I'm torn between liking some of this stuff and thinking the motivation behind grunge at the time couldn't have been further away from the spirit in which the catwalk plunders it every few years.


I loved all the little details.


Layered barbed wire jewelry looks so good.
I didn't know there was a darker side to tie dyed clothes.

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