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Friday, 08 February 2013



Perfect sum up! Particularly money and love. Sound advice here x


I did find it useful!Thank you fo hris!

Nicola Hogg

Thank you for this, I'm still rather new to it and am always looking for ways to improve.


Thank you so much for the detailed truth on blogging. Having blogged for over three years now, I approve every word you've written. For me it's a couple of hours every night preparing a new post for the next day, not counting all the tweets, instagrams and so on. But what's the most important - one has to be very, very persistant because blogging and struggle for the love from readers (and brands) is a neverending story like any other lasting relationships. Greetings from Latvia and keep up the good work.

Kingdom Of Style

This is great you guys are finding it useful x

Sarah G

I think you can tell a mile away when bloggers are in it purely for the money. Their site has usually got lots of affiliate advertising links and sponsored posts and they make a big deal about their alleged 'partnerships'. That is always an immediate turn-off for me.

Kingdom Of Style

Like Jonathan and Sarah say, it's so important to be authentic and to do it for love.
Great advice QUeenie.
I was nodding in agreement all the way through as I was reading it.

Queen Marie


I wholeheartedly agree with what you've written Michelle. I reckon posting regularly is a big part of it. I find the blogs that don't stick to a posting schedule as you say drop off my radar. Even if that schedule is only once a week on a certain day at least I know what to expect! I also reckon putting time and effort into writing posts is a huge factor, but then being a writer I would! There's so much content out there that if you expect to get away with bad spelling, rambling pointless posts and reposting other people's content, you're in for a shock!

KOS is always on my list of blogs I visit every morning and it's because it's always interesting and well put together. Congrats on a brilliant example Queens!

Kingdom Of Style

Regular posting is so important. Readers have a choice of so many blogs now and regular posting is one really good way to keep them coming back.

I really believe in the power of effort when it comes to posting. Laziness is always obvious and readers pick up on it. If you write a quick, sloppy post with lots of spelling and grammatical errors, readers are quick to pick on it and even mention it. The bar has just been raised overall now.


Thanks for the blog tips. You certainly tick all those boxes with your posts. :-)


Oh, I like this very business-like side of Queen Michelle!
I never expected to see "ROI" come up in a KOS post, but it's very reassuring.
For my blog, my time is evenly split between inspiration & analytics. And I post every day except Sunday.

Thank you for sharing these insights!

I'd like to add that while it is important that your posts be good quality, it's even more important that you post!

There will always be something more you can do to improve a post. But don't sit there editing & tweaking forever.
Blogging is a muscle that needs regular exercise before you can see results.
As you learn by doing, your quality will improve.

Slimming Style Secrets

Such great advice but I'll tell ya having patience is tough business. I think a lot of us are really looking to make some money so we can do what we love and have a better quality of life rather than squeezing blogging into the few non-working hours we have left. But you're can't go into this looking for money or you'll just get disappointed.


Such an excellent post :) Photography is my main weakness so at the end of 2012 I vowed to up the ante. So I bought the 450D and a 50mm 1.8 lens now just to learn how to use them :) As someone who makes their living from designing blogs I would definitely add that a good design is essential. People are drawn to things that are aesthetically pleasing although a design should always compliment the content and not detract from it (just my 2p worth)

Christina Ooi

Love this!


This is all great advice.

One thing I've noticed as a reader is that sometimes I burn out on keeping up with blogs. But I always come back to this one. Always.

As a blog-writer, I recommend not deleting your three-year-old established blog, even if you think you're "done" with blogging. I did that, and I wish I hadn't. Some silly men's clothing outfit took over my old blog name "observationmode" and now I regret it.

I'm dreaming of ideas for my comeback, and planning carefully. I want to have defined areas that I write about (jumpsuits will probably be in the mix again), and I want to have regular days on which I post, because as you say, regularity and content matter.

When I started my old blog, it was directionless, but as time went on, my foci became clear and an identity sort of just evolved. I hope that will happen again.

* * *

I'm glad you and Queen Marie are here writing and showing us great design and ballet and music, etc.



Hi Queenie, great post! I find the money issue interesting - I love that yours has no ads or sponsors, it really makes me feel that you really do it for the love. Not that all bloggers who do have ads or sponsors don't have real passion, but for me, I can find it off-putting at times xx


"When you love the subject you write about, the passion shines through."

Word. Great advice all throughout. I think most people expect that blogging is an automatic ticket to fame and success but it really is a fleeting thing and most of it is gained through talent, hard work and a bit of luck.

Another thing I'd like to add is to have integrity. Lots of bloggers nowadays are lured by the promise of money by the corporate machine and in the process they lose their voice in order to please their advertisers. This is why I love reading this blog, everything you guys feature is worth it and not just some shill. I can sense the care and love you and Queen Marie put in and that makes for very good reading indeed :)


Great advice. As a new blogger, it's helpful to know I am heading in the right direction. I believe I am the only person reading my posts but I don't mind that. It became an online thoughts diary for myself and if other people enjoy it too that's wonderful. If not, life goes on. Thank you for the post.



i definitely agree about the love and tone elements. i hate going on a blog and seeing it written in a way that is either ..almost robotic, or CLEARLY all about advertising. i have no problem with advertising and sponsors, but ONLY if they're relevant to the blog.
and if you love what you're writing about it most definitely shows. you see the passion come through and other people respond to that i think.
one thing that has really, really helped me is scheduling posts. i can really think about what i'm saying, and take the time instead of having a rushed post. if your post is rushed, i think people are more likely to skim through! also, if you're doing that, you can schedule two or so posts at a time, and when something comes into your mind, and spread it out a bit instead of shoving loads in one post.

apologies for the long comment!

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