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Tuesday, 19 February 2013



This looks amazing, I love it! xxx


Love this! The different lengths, the drapes, the play on proportions, everything! Simply perfect.

Kingdom Of Style

Thank you very much Mika x

Interesting layers and texture in an all black palette! I would love to have a dream hood made for me as well. There's so much attention to details going on. It looks great!

it just worked! I wanted to try again before I signed out.
Just wanted to say I loved your dream hood. I would love to have something made for me. So much attention to detail going on. It looks great!

Kingdom Of Style

Thank you for persevering! Soory you can't comment via blogger though. Hopefully Typepad will sort it x

Kingdom Of Style

Glad you like it. It's such a lovely piece x

Melissa Barrass

Now this is an outfit!

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