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Tuesday, 19 February 2013



Photos are like colourful dreams. Excellent.


Kingdom Of Style

I remember coming to Glasgow for the first time on a school trip when I was about 7 and we went to Rouken Glen park. I never got to go on trips, because my parents had no money, and it was pouring down on the one trip I got to go on. We all just had to sit in a shelter eating our wee packed lunches. There were swings and a big twisty chute and eventually I just went out and started sliding down the chute in the pissing rain. I was determined not to spend my special trip sitting in a shelter! - Michelle

Kingdom Of Style

Awwww Queenie.
Hardcore even back then!
I'll take you back there this Spring and you can slide down it again in the sunshine...

Queen Marie


nice colors, looks surreal


That place sounds so cool!
It reminds me of the video for David Gahan's Kingdom
I remember reading that the forest scenes were filmed in Scotland.
Is it the same location?

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