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Tuesday, 22 January 2013


Kingdom Of Style

I love that hat but I know it wouldn't fit my pinheid. Sad times.


the hat is so bizarre but also really cool!



I love the skirts. If they weren't so short, I might want one for myself.

Kingdom Of Style

Ah but the model is 5ft 9", so if you are average height, they wouldn't be as short, no?

Tsui Chung

Love this collection, all awesome
Fashion Ganache

Performance and Cocktails

Holy fucking shit - I love so much of this, it's making my teeth ache. THAT HAT WILL BE MINE!!! Mine, I tell you, bwahahaha.

Are you sure it couldn't be adapted to the, ahem, pinheid with a wee bit of padding?


Oooh i do love a bit of three floor - nearly bought one for my christmas dress but couldn't decide which one! x

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