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Monday, 12 November 2012



It is absolutely beautiful! Sublime! Bravo!


It is indeed one beauty of a coat. And it adds so much layering potential to the perfecto jacket silhouette! Really great. Argh. In love.


Like I said on instagram: Very nice! I also love the comme des garcons blanket jacket, which it really reminds me off, but love the fact that it has the biker jacket element instead of the airfield like the CDG piece. Biker jacket references will always have a big thumbs up from me :)

Kingdom Of Style

Swen, we came across some issues trying to make a simple A line biker jacket with drape, and turned out the only way it was possible was to essentially have the biker jacket section seperate. But it turned out good in the end. A blanket coat is such a classic shape it's hard to reinvent it completely, but hopefully a biker jacket version updates it


Wow, I love it!

Sarah G

I'm not normally a fan of the waterfall shape, as it reminds me of the Next cardigans that my mum & her friends wear! But I LOVE this! Maybe because the shape is much longer and tailored. And anything with epaulets does it for me! :D Good job!

Kingdom Of Style

hahaha it did go through my head that the waterfall shape has been done by the likes of M&S and Next, but I have such a soft spot for it and it flatters all sizes, which was key to the design. Hopefully I've made it less frumpy!

karl leuterio

a perfect example of shifting paradigm.. perfect

Wow ! Speechless, it's THE COAT. unfortenately too expensive. But great work !


Wow, its stunning.

I've never a hope of owning it, but its stunning non the less.


Exactly what Sharnek said. It is wonderful.


Fantastic piece. I'm looking forward to seeing the waxed cotton version!


@michelle I can imagine that being a problem. Nevertheless, I love it like this. Sadly, it's a bit out of my budget, otherwise it would have gone straight back to the Neds, home with me.


Everyone else has already said but I'm just going to join them anyway... That is beautiful!!

It has everything, leather, drapey-ness, biker styling and a layered effect, amazing, basically my dream coat. Well done Michelle!

Sadly I've bought 5 coats so far since September and I'm a bit broke now so this isn't an option right now :( damn it!


I love the coat, it's perfect!!

Jet aka Punk Glam Queen

Why do I have to be so petite? I would be tripping all over the waterfall bit! Its lovely... wait did you say tartan harris tweed? Swoon. XXX

Kingdom Of Style

Oh yes lady, tartan Harris Tweed! It's going to be gorgeous!


perfection! just wish i could afford it... x


Perfection. The texture of that tweed looks so yummy. Are the zippers different colors? It looks like it in the 9th picture.

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