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Wednesday, 17 October 2012


Home of Fashion

Such a shame, she has spoiled it for you! Perfume bottles always look so pretty, love collecting them.

Kingdom Of Style

I'm not surprised by this choice to be honest. She has that pale skin, dark hair thing going on he seems to favour. She's a beautiful girl and looked amazing in Snow White and the Huntsman, but can't say it makes me want to try the perfume.


in your blog when I read a post, I don't need to have a look at the signature to understand who wrote which one. If some celebrity is being insulted without a reason because of her looks, I immediately understand it's by queen marie. like the post about sarah jessica parker that you had to remove in a day. why be so mean?


I agree, each to their own, but despite my love of Balenciaga and of smelling nice, I can't say that she makes me want to buy the perfume... she always looks a bit glum, poor lass.


Brand assasin - absolutely!


Being pale with dark hair and a surly demeanor myself she actually made me take notice of the adverts and think about trying the perfume its self, as her image is something I can relate to. Not saying I think I look like her or anything but i cant help being drawn to other dark haired pale moody looking types, as it seems I'm still a teenage goth at heart. I think the deciding factor really would be if the perfume gave me headache or was too sickly and sweet. Having said that I probably wont bother trying it as I can't really be arsed!

Kingdom Of Style

Becky I am the same! When it comes to products that are advertised by surly brunettes with pale skin, I feel more in touch with that brand. I can relate to it. I think it's human nature to react that way.

I actually like her, but mostly because of the Runaways movie, which I loved . She was amazing in it - Q Michelle

Hi sinem thanks for that,however there is such a thing as freedom of speech.I understand where queen Marie is coming from and find it quite witty which no doubt is the idea of the post. I have to say your negative comments about queen Marie are rather harsh and perhaps you should refrain from reading her posts. Not everything is about clothes and beauty. Sometimes a intelligent look at reality is what we need.
Also I have to say I have met both queens on more than one occasion and queen Marie is far from mean.


Lola Schoen

oh my, i had such a great laugh after reading that. first i thought no, please no! although i am the dark hair pale skin type, too, this girl's attitude with her always the same facial expression sickens me but that is just my opinion.
i hope you keep with your style of writing too, i like it when people are real and not afraid to share their own opinion. i prefer real people to people who think they always have to please everyone.
so thanks for that!


I haven't seen the Runaways yet, but I've been meaning to watch it, it does look good.

After saying I probably wont try florabotanica because I cant be arsed I have actually tried it! It took no more effort on my part than buying vogue in Sainsburys (it's £2 this month) as there is a sample in there. Had to rub Kirsten Stewarts face on wrists to try it however, which was weird but hey! It's actually pretty nice I could see myself buying that at some point. I'm too obsessed with Tom Fords Black Orchid at the moment though.




I believe there is already enough pressure on women put by the perception of beauty in fashion blogs, and the whole industry. being witty, straightforward or fun doesnt need to mean being just another in a million saying what you think, no matter what kind of inferiority complex it may raise for women that might be reading your well known and established space. i definitely dont think calling someone surly or a horse has anything to do with an intelligent look at reality. to me it is not laughable or even slightly smilable. all i see is just another woman being bullied. then I realize that she earned more than enough dollars to ignore all of the comments above (mine included), now that is funny in a way.

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