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Friday, 24 August 2012



I completely agree with you. I've recently switched to the Samsung Galaxy S2 and its 100 times better in my opinion, also all the apps are free. The S3 is even cooler and it is much lighter than the iPhone too.

Teresa J.

For me apple is the best aroud the world.Teresa J.

Kingdom Of Style

I must say I've had no issue with my 4s at all. It's a joy to use and I do absolutely everything on it - update the blog, tweet, FB, Instagram, takes notes, record interviews, record ballet classes, listen to music, watch videos, everything! I use it to death!


I feel the same way about apple, I'd suggest at least checking out an android phone (they get a bad rap, but they really are amazing, especially if you root them to customize it). I rooted my Samsung Galaxy SII with novalauncher, and it's super fast (no bloatware) and I've only had one glitch in the past year that was fixed with just a two minute reboot. And just a side note, I'm not particularly techy, so I mainly picked it because it has a nice size, is made of gorilla glass (can be dropped from a ten story window and won't even scratch) and the image quality on the white one is amazing.


No way! I used my Iphone 4 for absolutely everything and never had any issues, and i do think it's way more beautiful than the 3GS. I gave my 3GS to my mother and is still going strong. Cannot wait for the Iphone5.

Sarah G

After my family, my macbook and my iphone are the two things I would save in a fire. My life is on there! And yeah I know how sad that is! ;) Function wise, my iphone occasionally goes off or shuts down apps for no reason at all, but generally I have experienced far more issues in the past with the horrible HTC and Samsung models which I have not used for 'non-phone-reasons' half as much as I use my iphone. Like Michelle says - it does everything! I got mine stolen a while back and while I waited for the insurance money to come through so I could get a new one, I had a shitty HTC. I couldn't get my head round it, and barely used it. I missed my iphone so much. It was the first time in three years I hadn't had it and it left a hole!

Heather Fonseca

I think I have an iPhone 2. Bought it several years ago so it has to be one of the older versions. I've never had a isingle problem with it! Now I don't know what I'd do without it.


I loath Apple.. I also quite hated Steve Jobs. This is how I describe Apple products compared to something like Android. Apple is ready to wear off the rack. And you can't tailor it and if something goes wrong you have to go back to the store you got it from. Android is more like designing your own dress.

caroline Barry

I just read this after my Ipod died. It's about 2 years old and I cant even get an apple tech to take a phone call to fix it because its out of warranty - if I want somene to take the phone call - I have to pay 50 euro for it. I can't believe companies are allowed to treat their customers like that.


i only own two apple products (a five year-old macbook and a three year-old ipod) and while i like the products i have, i am definitely not an apple-head (i'm sure there's a better term for it) and i hate getting into those mac vs pc arguments. i don't care about what computer you have, and your opinion on my choices. anyway, i have considered getting an iphone but i don't really see the point of it so if i ever decide to get a smartphone it will definitely be a galaxy.


For me Apple is doing such a great job!! Even I'm not big fan of technology I am in position to admit it!! After all, it has to do with each one's taste ;)


Android all the way for me - apple has always struck me as style over substance, and unethical to boot. I use a Samsung Galaxy and a Nexus tab and couldn't be happier with them. You can upgrade the software free, and my Galaxy is 2 years old and has taken some serious beatings without so much as a chip - oh how I laugh whenever I see people using iPhones with screens held together with tape!!


I agree... with the metaphor, somewhat ;P I've said something like it, except as I see it, Apple is that lucky find that looks timeless and gorgeous off the rack, while the Android could maybe be gorgeous if only you had an ACTUAL TAILOR at hand. As it is, though, it's pretty much a lumpy potato-shaped burlap sack of sorrow.

Kingdom Of Style

Thanks for all the great comments everyone.
Loads for me to think about....

Queen Marie

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