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Monday, 25 June 2012


Suzanne aka Punk Glam Queen

Synchronicity, I had pulled out my ANCIENT levi's denim jacket yesterday (held together with patches and safety pins!) But felt it was too far gone to wear in its present state. Now I may just have to play around with it so I can wear it again! (Its seen some mighty good times!) XXX Love, Suzanne

prince b

luvvin the hair do!


Ohhhh fancy hair colors are such a pain. I did it for a few years before going natural. Now that I have a full head of virgin hair I can't imaging doing something that high maintenance again! It sure does look fabulous though....


LOVE the second pic - worthy of a fashion editorial! Love that jacket too.

Kingdom Of Style

MMMichelle yeah it's just so much work and expense keeping the colour. I'm glad I did it but brown hair is a lot less hassle!

Stacey Black

I was also considering digging out and customising my old denim jacket, this has definitely reminded me to get on it! I seriously haven't worn anything denim for about 10 years though, hope I can make it work...


Love delving into the wardrobe archive, I have loads of stuff that I bought in Ici ni san (circa 1990), skinny print jeans that I wish I could fit my ass into, the denim looks so current how you've styled it

Sleekit x

Kingdom Of Style

I remember wearing skinny patterned jeans in the very early 80's and LOVING them! I wish I could find them again in a vintage shop. Mines had roses on them but they werent printed, the pattern was kind of woven into the denim. Sound awful but they were cool.
Looking forward to customising this jacket.

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