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Friday, 18 May 2012



I've had bad experiences with Muji's online customer service (or lack of it!) too.
Taking my money, waiting over two weeks for my item only to be told that it had been discontinued. I've ordered from them twice now and have had problems each time so I won't be purchasing from them again, which is a shame as their storage solutions are excellent.

Angry In Shoreditch

don't get me started... i've JUST this minute had a similar rant about paypal!!!!!!


I feel your pain...I've been emailing Matalan about some shoes (whose heels both snapped on within a 5 minute walk) for about a month and a half and have STILL not received a refund despite it being promised twice. Grrrrrr

Material Fixations

If I can offer some advice, the last time this happened to me, I emailed them once an hour the same email for a whole day. Let me tell you, they ended up responding. Fast.
Material Fixations

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