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Thursday, 01 March 2012



i think a younger readership comments a lot to get their own followers - so the interaction is often of poor quality...'love ur post follow back' etc. and nothing to do with a conversation.

instagram is definitely my new favourite too. even thinking about deleting my personal facebook as i dont get much out of it - and feel like there are too many channels to update!

Kingdom Of Style

You are absolutely right Paula - you read some of the blogs with hundreds of comments and it is inane drivel. Often these blogs are just outfit blogs so there isn't much you can really say, but still, it's not exactly quality interaction.


Love the shot with the garters and layering!
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There are so many bodies under the floorboards I don’t know where I’m going to hide the rest…mwhahaha. ;0)

Anyway, on a serious note, I’ve become to hate social media with a passion. I used to be on MySpace a few years ago, then everyone started to move over to Facebook, which I did too and hated it because how childish it was. It was great to find old friends etc but I decided to deactivate my account when an ex-boyfriend contacted me even though my profile was set to private. He found me through a comment I’d made about a band I was going to see and he started to email me from then on. He wasn’t psycho, just thought somehow I’d still be waiting for him a few years down the line and he could pick up were we left off.

I also don’t like how potential employers can look you up. When I was temping a few years ago an agency phoned, she said, "I check everyone’s profile before taking him or her on the books," which was another nail in the coffin for me. All I have now is a YouTube account and I go under a pseudonym for that.

Kingdom Of Style

Where there is social media, there will be pyscho ex boyfriends. Par for the course.

Born in 86

I also recently discovered Instagram and I also didn't knew people could follow you.. (not that a lot of people are following me but things can change :-) hihi)
and I definitely also LOVE it !
I will follow your Instagram pictures because I like your style and blog and I think that your Instagrampics would also be fanastic.. actually I can sneak into your life a little bit.. yeah that's social media.. There are divided opnions about it, a lot of my friends already begin to laugh when I fetch up my Iphone because according to them I'm addicted to it.. And I am. They say that you don't need an Iphone and social media and all that kind of things to be happy.. off course not but it makes live zo much more fun.

Sarah in LA LA LAND

I know what you mean about people who are 'ungoogle-able'. I feel the same about shops/brands/designers without any web presence who have emailed me, or come into the shop wanting to be stocked. I understand that they could be just starting out, but having a web presence is so important now! Re: comments...there does seem to be loads of pesky young whippersnappers out there commenting up a storm with posts like 'wowz i totes love ur blog! do me a solid & follow me at blahblahblah' - really nothing to do with the post at all and with only one real agenda in mind - getting more followers.


I love Instagram as well! The best thing in it is that I don't need to be 100% committed all the time. I can pick it up and take some photos whenever I feel like it.

Soon following you!

Material Fixations

I know, I only started blogging several months ago, but I couldn't imagine not doing it anymore. It's totally unrewarding most of the time, but I love putting myself out there and in turn glimpsing into others' lives.
Material Fixations


I'm way behind and haven't jumped on the Instagram bandwagon. I'll get on before long. Love the photos.


instagram is so fantastic. i find it one of the most friendly social media thingys, plus it is just so simple. i actually really like the fact that you don't need a 'profile' or have to say too much. totally agree that it makes you take more notice of your surroundings - i think i have instagrammed pretty much everything on my daily commute! i'm already following you and have been enjoying the shoe posts, glad to hear that you're enjoying it and that there will be more!!


How sad. Because I don't have a Facebook page and am not easy to find on Google you are somehow biased against me? And here I was for the past 2 years, loving your blog. Maybe not so much now I know how you really feel about anyone who isn't one of the sheep. Too bad. Yep, too bad.

Kingdom Of Style

I'm going to be honest here Dean, and it might sound harsh, but I can't be biased because I don't actually really care if your are on Facebook or not because I don't know you. I have no idea who you are, so why would it matter to me whether a complete stranger is on social media or not? I don't even know your real name. So use Facebook, don't use Facebook, makes no difference to me.

You also don't even need to read the blog if you don't want, that's up to you. Observations are personal, and since this is a personal blog, that's what you're going to get. Take it or leave it.

Other readers take it in the humour it was intended, and if you don't well, hey ho, that's the way it goes.

Also, you entirely missed the point, which was the power of social media is that it makes you think silly things like everyone should be able to be Googled. I think I made that perfectly clear.

Staci Burruel

I also love using Instagram! I like taking pictures and capturing precious memories. I'll try to take pictures of our small flower shop and post them in my blog!

Kevin Beamer

What's amazing about Instagram is that it takes photography to another level. What made Instagram stand out is that it is really easy to use, and provides real value to photographers and photo lovers. This app is an effective way to provide a visual message to others.

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