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Tuesday, 13 March 2012



If ever there was a time when I wished I was your close (geographically and emotionally) friend or a member of your family, it is now. I wish I could see this recital. I am so very excited and happy for you, Queen Michelle!

Kingdom Of Style

It's only going to be a few minutes really but still, going to enjoy it anyway! x


Pointe? When was this discussed? Better step up my pointe work at home if I'm to be in front of people wobbling about!
However, my fear of this is most def overshadowed by my excitement of dancing on stage again

Kingdom Of Style

It was mentioned last week. If we do, it will literally just be courus I suspect. I don't suppose you have to if you are not comfortable or ready to do it. Plus, nothing has been set in stone - it was just initial thoughts at this stage really. I'm keen to do pointe, as it sets us apart from the kids, but not everyone will be ready.


That's awesome. nothing better than the feeling of performing on stage. I did dance classes as a kid/teen and now I do burlesque shows and I love that feeling.

where are you looking for tutus? I don't do ballet but I love a good bit of tulle

Kingdom Of Style

Nina, I've never performed on stage so this is a first for me. I used to DJ but that's really different - no decks to protect me here!

Suzanne aka Punk Glam Queen

Oh I so wish I could whisk my way out to Glasgow to see my fav ballerina in her stage debut! Can Prince B tape it for those of us who can't be there? Tell him I'll listen to jazz for three days solid if he does (and you'll have to haul me to the looney bin after, heehee!)

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