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Tuesday, 13 March 2012



Oooh - shoe lust! I think I need a pair in this leather combination (although I've had my eye on their bright patent leathers, too).



karl leuterio

oh so perfct

Dave C

Such a striking, cool look. You look like you've stepped off the set of a european sci-fi movie. The way you've got your hair under the choker is the icing on the cake. (Runs to the kitchen to see if there's any cake...)

Kingdom Of Style

Hahaha Dave C I love your train of thought here!


Those shoes are completely and utterly amazing. I have a pair of Underground/Lazy Oaf creepers but they are a little too big so I rarely wear them. Makes me incredibly sad, sounds like you have an amazing collection.

Caz x

Kingdom Of Style

Oh no, they don't fit? That's heartbreaking as that collab was lovely x


Incredible! AND: I love how your hair is tucked in . . . looks like a Louise Brooks bob!

Kingdom Of Style

It also fools me into thinking my hair is longer!

Material Fixations

I love underground shoes, the first time I went to england I came home with three pairs! These wedge creepers are probably the coolest shoesI have seen this season....
Material Fixations


Amazing. I've been lusting over some 2 inch creepers for a while, was wondering if you have any experience wearing them? I'm worried that the flat/unbendable-ness of the sole will be a nightmare to walk in/make me walk funny?


These ones to be exact:

Kingdom Of Style

I wear double sole creepers, which are similar, and never had any problems with them at all. You kind of bounce, which makes up for the rigidity of the sole. I find them super comfy x


thanks :)


I just ordered the sky blue wedge creepers after seeing this post...I cannot wait for them to arrive! It was a tight call between the blue and the pink/leopard print though! x


Those shoes are lovely! Actually make me want to look at Underground as creepers are just not for me. Killing it as always.


What's your username on instagram?

Love these! Fiona, let me know what you think when you get them. I hesitate between sky blue, pink/leopard, and black/leopard.

Kingdom Of Style

Gaynor it's michellehaswell (sorry no idea if you put an @ sign in front of that)


I love love love these! Big fan of wedges and these look so comfortable.

Suzanne aka Punk Glam Queen

So good! I really, REALLY want the fuchsia wedge creepers (um like REALLY.) I busted my nose the other day, that means I deserve new shoes right? This way people will be looking at the fabulousness of my shoes rather than the train wreck my face looks like! Now to find the dosh... do they ship to the US? If not you may get an emergency Skype call from me begging you to ship them to me! (Which reminds me we need to Skype soon, I miss you!)


The fourth picture going down (of yourself) makes it look like you have really short hair, I think it looks great!


I'm in love with my blue shoes! They go with pretty much everything in my wardrobe...if you're debating I say just go for it!! x


I need to get me a pair.

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