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Monday, 06 February 2012



Jesus Christ, it was harrowing enough just reading your review.

But we do the same to children, except the institutions are normative and accepted, not "experimental." The whole category of the Human is extremely problematic and dangerous.

Thanks for writing this Queen Marie. I rarely comment, but I love your blog posts-- they are always so full of heart. You're one of the good ones, at least!


Great review Marie. I don't think I'd be able to watch this. I almost had a nervous breakdown watching a movie called "Eight Below" and it's a children's film!


Perfect project!!!^^



Oh his eyes - you're right. Anger and sadness and disbelief all at once.

Bah. Man's inhumanity to man, beast, and everything in between.

Stella Mayfair

thank you for this review. i want to watch the film but might not be able to, because things like that upset me so deeply. a couple of years ago my best friend gave me a book on children's emotional development which affected me so that i never finished it. only made it to page 80 or something because some of the children's stories made me so sad.


I'd love to watch it too, but your review already made me cry. The movie must be horrible to watch! :-(

Kingdom Of Style

Anne Marie - Thank you for commenting. I know the whole world can sometimes seem such a cruel place.
Alex - I've not heard of that, I shall check it out. When I'm feeling brave.
Sarah P, Stella and meep - I'll try to review something a little less harrowing and a bit more inspirational next week. x

Queen Marie

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