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Sunday, 12 February 2012



that's true.

Dave C

"At least once a week, someone tells me that print is dying." Yeah, me too! And yes, escapism, luxury and fantasy are what I love in fashion as well, but there's a massive difference between those three things and the horrible entitlement that screams from the Harper's Bazaar cover. As you so rightly point out, it's not the model per se, it's simply that the photo embodies the witless and superficial aspects of our culture, where teenagers seem to achieve great rewards from doing nothing at all. It's just 'here's a little rich girl in a dress you can never afford'. Yuk. It's not aspirational, it's controlling. Don't get me wrong, there are young people who unquestionably have 'it' in a way us older types no longer can, but that cover, whilst trying to portray gilded youth only succeeds in portraying money in an unholy and artless alliance with inexperience. Sigh.


mm i like that though her teeth look great, bit submissive for a cover though but i suppose its 'moody', i understand they do show the clothes on ladies who are not the right age bracket to be advertising to but then again they do it for the purpose of making women feel they can achieve their lost youth buy spending big bucks on a gold sequined gown. Oh fashion, it has it's ways

Kingdom Of Style

Dave C- Perfectly put. Just perfect!!!!

Queen Marie

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