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Friday, 17 February 2012



agreed about mr. bean....not my style of funny!

sore tooth....chew on a clove on sore tooth. some tooth and gum numbing rubs are made from cloves....i think it anaesthitises the area a little. worth a try. otherwise go for hardcore over counter drugs.

from my experience, when your tooth hurts that much...and it's hurting your head, and you start to get so tired from blocking the pain, you almost cry...for me it usually means a root canal. which is pretty major!



Poor you - Oil of cloves might offer some temporary relief Queen Marie.
Mr Bean is not only unfunny but he turns my stomach. I had to quickly scroll past that second picture of him mugging (shudder).

Fashion Agony

Aww, this is a painful topic for me too, I wanna puke everythime I see his face and those movies are just plain stupid!



I have a feeling that you are not in Mr Bean's target audience group as I am assuming you are over 10 years old! I used to LOVE Mr Bean when I was a kid. Now I know better!

The oil of clove rub is sound advice! It's been used for years for toothache! I also swear by heat therapy for everything! So either a hot water bottle or cold compress on the side of your face. x


I really can't stand Mr Bean films and the like. I just find it really painful and embarrassing to watch. Its not laughing at something funny. Its laughing at a lonely man with no social skills who can not speak properly. Its cringe and I hate it!



Sonia Luna

I feel for you, toothache is the worst! I agree with the clove oil suggestion, also tea tree oil to disinfect the area and gargle with hot (boiled, but not boiling, of course!) water and salt ... that should help too. I hope you get to see a dentist soon!
I laughed at your rant about Mr. Bean, I can't stand him either!


Not a Bean fan either.
So sorry about the tooth pain- I can relate.
Late night tooth agony caused me to call a hotline (I'm in Canada) and I was able to talk to a dentist and a pharmacist, and the suggestion was to take Tylenol and Advil (or generics) together until I could get to a dentist.
Maybe you could talk to a pharmacist for help.
An antibiotic was in order as well.
It resulted in a root canal :(
I wish that I could offer a more holistic solution.
Good luck.


Hate hate hate hate Rowan Atkinson. LOATHE him in fact.Similar to that Frank Spencer guy in Some Mother's Do Ave Em. Infuriating stuff.

As regards your tooth - Codeine is the way forward. Go to your pharmacy and get whatever is the strongest over the counter tablet. Poor QM. :(


Mr Bean is awful. Not funny in the slightest. I'm ashamed of Rowan Atkinson for doing it, because he can be hilarious. Some of his early stand-up is fantastic, and I love Black Adder. Clever humour, please, Mr Atkinson. NO MORE MR BEAN.

la Vinia

U have right with Johnny English-that's bad movie. But Mr Bean moments are totally different..I mean, he's really talented. I guess he shouldn't "talk" or "act" like any actor in an action movie.

Sarah G

My kid LOVES both those films, and I HATE them! Had to go see both at the cinema. But you can't slag off Rowan Atkinson. Blackadder is one of my faves, as is Not the Nine O Clock News!!

Kingdom Of Style

Thank you everyone for all your suggestions.
I'm on anti biotics now, pain killers and I reek of clove oil.
Dentist on wednesday, first time I think I have ever looked forward to going...


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