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Thursday, 12 January 2012



Will you please share your pattern for this hat?

Kingdom Of Style

Tansy I didn't use a pattern. I had a hat I liked already and just copied it with guesswork. Basically I began with 50 stitches, which I did for 20 rows, I then added an extra stitch every 5th stitch, and knitted 10 or 15 rows or so, then I started knitting stitches together until it tapered at the top. Does that make any sense?


Impressive first knits, Michelle! I love hand knit chunky weight beanies. And knitting...'s so relaxing - a cup of tea, a lovely knit and some good company = pretty darn good evening in my books, haha!


actually you can knit really nicely :D

Suzanne aka Punk Glam Queen

Great job Michelle! I love knitting, and have far too much wool and needles, gotta get inspired and get knitting!

Victoria C

Fab beanies, I’m very impressed! I’ve never got the hang of knitting, despite a friend trying to get me into it and taking me along to her pub knitting class! I’ve always wanted to knit one of those REALLY long scarves that I can just cocoon myself but I have a feeling it would take me about 3 years to do!

Kingdom Of Style

Yes, it's very relaxing indeed, although I do get obsessed with finishing what I've started. I couldn't be one of those people who knits for a wee while then goes back to it later - I need to knit until it's finished!

Kingdom Of Style

Hahaha yes I know what you mean - and that's why I opted for beanies, as a scarf would just take too long

Kingdom Of Style

Thank you lili! x

Kingdom Of Style

Thinking about some legwarmers for ballet class next xx


Your beanies look great, much better than my first knits! I love knitting, at the moment I'm working on a Helmut Lang-ish sweater. I can really recommend that you register at, an online community for knitters worldwide. You can use Ravelry to search among thousands of patterns (many for free), browse the yarn archive and get really good help from experienced knitters in the forums.


:) Michelle you've done a grand job for your first project, your tension is really impressive, which makes for a neat finish,
Well done queenie

Kingdom Of Style

Thank you very much Cherylline x

northwest is best

Congratulations on your first knitting projects! You'll be on Ravelry before you know it.


ohh I might have to take up knitting! however, with my current class schedule (i'm taking more than the allowed number of credits) I only have time for one hobby, and the ukulele came first. maybe for next winter...

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