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Wednesday, 18 January 2012


Sonia Luna

Nice nails! Off topic but I'm really enjoying reading about your ballet adventures. I studied dance for years as a kid, I was shit at it really, but I was left with a love for ballet. I was wondering if you know of Sylvie Guillem, she reminds me a little of you.

Dave C

Nails look stunning with your rings! The Sci-fi goth look really suits you.


Wow, the nails look amazing! Especially, as Dave C says, with all your rings on! Good work on them, I find nails really hard and always make a balls up of the simplest pant jobs.

Suzanne aka Punk Glam Queen

Your nails look fab! Do they sell the Sally Hansen ones there? Those lasted me weeks on end with no chipping, and through swimming everyday! I think they lasted even longer on my toes which shocked me! Love the suspender belt, looks almost exact to some of my vintage ones!

Kingdom Of Style

Lousie - and how do you get with on with paint jobs ???



Two beautiful buys!

I think your nails look fabulous, I bet no one notices the bumps except you.


pretty nail polish, but even prettier rings on your fingers!


Thanks for the tip - I'm definitely going to pick up some of these from Nail Rock now. I've wanted a Minx, too, but it cost close to $200USD while I was in Korea. Not that much cheaper in the U.S. - runs about $90 in Atlanta...


I love your nails!! I've been trying to find silver nailpolish that gave a chrome finish, I forgot about nailwraps. But I don't think I'm ready to try nailwraps yet, seems difficult. How many hours did it take you?


I'm addicted to chrome nails! (BTW to Alicia I haven't spent more than $60 for Minx in NYC, so crazy for it to be more outside NYC.) Nail Rock looks good!


Your nails look amazing. This metal manicure by O.T.T. is the ultimate option in my opinion:

Kingdom Of Style

Woah $200!!!! Holy crap! It's £30 here, which isn't massively expensive, but still a bit of a luxury considering it might only last a few days

Kingdom Of Style

It was on your site I first saw Minx so, really, you're to blame!


i've been searching for a nice reasonably priced suspender belt to get me started for a while.. think my search may be over, thankyou! can you recommend any suspenders to seal the deal please?


hahahahahahahaha oops! I'm no. 1 at paint jobs, though.


I love the silver cuff necklace you're sporting in the pics...could you tell me where you got that?

Kingdom Of Style

it's from Nelly, Ginger x

Vanessa Roth

You can also achieve this by using gold or silver leaf, or imitations of either one. Just use a base coat, pat the sheet down on semi-sticky nails, then apply clear coat!

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