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Wednesday, 09 November 2011



That last photo is just stunningly beautiful!


beautiful pictures. your approach is an inspiration! who cares you are not a professional when you have this sort of dedication!


I don't find it daft at all your dedication to ballet, instead I find your determination and focus absolutely inspiring...These pictures are just gorgeous!

Remember I wrote about Peut Etre magazine? Nathalie and I are giving away a hard copy on my blog if you are interested:



I don't find it daft either! It's good that your passionate about it and people admire that a lot more than anything. At a later stage when you've completed all your exams maybe you could teach or something, never too late. One of my dance teachers has just retired from teaching and she's 72. Good luck and all the best with your exam, Michelle.


lovely pictures, makes me really miss ballet but it is so refreshing to see your passion and enthusiasm for such a wonderful thing! I wonder though, why do you not darn your pointe toes? This really saved me back when I was dancing as I wore my shoes out less quickly and it gives you a bit of extra grip on the floor. I'm not sure if people really do it so much now, and it takes bloody ages but I think its totally worthwhile!


Kingdom Of Style

I'll check it out and see if I can't win one!

Kingdom Of Style

I don't darn my shoes as I'm not really using them enough at this stage to wear them out much. When I get to Grade 4/5 and we do pointe lots, then I probably will then x


I remember for P.E. as kids we were doing some sort of gymnastics thing and we were shown how to stretch to become able to do the splits. I'm not sure if you already do it or if it's frowned upon by ballet dancers, but what we did is we had to lie on our backs and lift one leg as far as we can. Then another person would hold your leg while you pushed against them (trying to close your legs again). The trick would be to push as hard as you can but have the person push back so you don't actually go anywhere with your leg. We'd repeat this for 15 seconds 4 times per leg and after two weeks I was definitely closer to being able to do the splits...though I didn't persevere so I never got as far as being actually able to do them.

Kingdom Of Style

Never heard of trying them that way Christine. In class we sit with our legs as open as possible and another person sits opposite with their legs open but with their feet pushing against the inside of my ankles. The outside person then takes my arms and gently pulls me towards them, to stretch out all the tendons and muscles and so on.
I'll definitely try your way too


I'm a dancer too, and those pictures and I'm impressed of how beautiful they are.

I think the 101% effort you put into everything makes you anything but average.

Good for you!

northwest is best

It's inspiring how dedicated you are! Good luck with the exam - not that you need it.

Stella Mayfair

it's absolutely not daft, not at all! i think it's especially wonderful that you get to do what you love because you chose to, and enjoy it so very much.

could you please let me know where you got the barre? i discovered lotte berk a couple of weeks ago and now i'm completely obsessed. i'm even thinking about going to the UK for 2 weeks to train with lotte berk's daughter who still teaches at 70+ years old. i'll be 40 in a couple of days (waah! this is ridiculous!) and i decided to finally get in shape now. cue the barre and strenuous exercise. lazy old me is finally seeing a change, yay!


such awesome photography!! best of luck in the exams! xx

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