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Tuesday, 18 October 2011



I am in love with that shirt. The bags seem so versatile. :)

People have being loving your interview with me :)


What a great photo of you in that leather dress! Love the shoes, the dress, the clutch! A quick question on your haircut: Are you letting it grow out or keeping it that way? Debating on cutting mine as well, but not really daring it ...

Kingdom Of Style

Silke I am indeed growing it out. In truth it's a tricky length, it really needs to be much shorter or much longer to do anything decent with it. So yeah, back to growing it :/

Michelle Goldie

LOVE your clutch & biker jacket. Gestuz is so gorgeous


That first outfit with the leather dress and Dune shoes might be my all-time favourite look of yours. You are gorgeous!

Dave C

Holy Moly! Your leather look rocks! Loving the multi-textured biker jacket as well.

Kingdom Of Style

You know how much I love me some leathuuuuur!


Oooh, very nice! You look amazing all leathered-up. The bags are all such lovely leather colours, yum.


These outfits are all awesome, you have such a good eye for style. the leather dress is beyond words, H&M is on its game!


That dress needs a post of its own! wow.


I love that top image, you rock that leather dress. Perfect outfit. I just want to stroke the clutch bag, it looks incredibly soft. Have a random things for just touching clothes!

Caz x

Kingdom Of Style

The bags are super soft to touch x


I do not even know what to point out because I am absolutely in love with everything you are wearing. I guess if I had to pick one things that I am super obsessed with it would be those little leather studded gloves.



what color is your clutch? you say it's green but do you know if it's moss or emerald?

i plan on getting one as a christmas present for myself. :)

Kingdom Of Style

Erika, it's definitely a kind of moss green. Very neutral

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