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Tuesday, 25 October 2011



These may be design from top to bottom interrelated yes because I see no rope ornaments on each shirt

Madame G

Is still dress like I did at 18. In fact, my patent creeper boots that I still wear regularly were bought in Camden when I was 16. I'm an old goth, but a happy one!


No top-knot bun! So different...yes, I'm slightly distracted by the minutiae.


You may still be dressing like you did when you were 18 but you can definitely pull it off! I hope that I can still dress as I do in my 20s well into in my 30s, 40s and beyond. I love it when you see old ladies wearing bright colours with funky hair. I want to be one of those ladies.

Kingdom Of Style

hahaha yes, no bun! Wearing it down for a wee change

Ruth's sad old Goth every winter for me too! You look great.


Ive found a name for favourite style of mine... 'glossy goth' I like it, thanks!


Not sad at all, just means you always knew what you liked and have remained true to yourself. I reckon most people no longer dress as they did in their youth either because they hadn't yet acquired a sense of style, or because they either can't be bothered or don't have the guts to stick with it. That said, at 32 I regularly wear things that I've had since high school - and much of the rest, I would have done had it been in my possession at the time.


Wowzers! Love the last pic in particular.

I know exactly what you mean about dressing the same way. I saw a pair of trousers in Topshop today that are exact replicas of ones I had in my teens and I actually squealed aloud! am going to wear them with boots and I will honestly look like I'm in a time warp! I reckon though sometimes you just find a style you're comfortable with and age isn't important.


Like it, especially the accessories. Harness and sock garters. Do these sock garters really stay up? I bought some from Sock Dreams that slip right down. Maybe it' s my full thighs though.


Wow thats a really nice outfit! I must admit its not my style at all but you are totally pulling it off girl :) p.s love the lace dress

Flo xxx


Michelle this look suits you perfectly -- I don't care if you're 16 or 60, it's your core style and you always look amazing with younpull out the stops! I get kinda gothy every winter naturally, must be all the dreary weather imposing it's will on mine!

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