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Thursday, 01 September 2011



Love it! Fearless sisters united in giant accessories!
Thanks for reading my emails and progressing with open eyes and fierce fashion!

xo Pantomime Dame


Love some of those hats - but can never seam to pull a hat off!

Kingdom Of Style

You nailed it on the head Queenie.
Love love loving these.
Am struggling to pick a favourite but tonight I think it may be the pleated mouse one.
That will of course have changed ten times over by tomorrow.
Congratulations Mich on your wonderful wonderful work.


Kingdom Of Style

Ok, already I must insist the mouse moves aside for the "Veiled Side Leaf Lolilita" on her website.

At the risk of appearing dim, how do we buy her work?
Have I missed a link or is it by commission?



thanks for featuring mich dulce! she truly is one of the most innovative designers here in the philippines.

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