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Sunday, 11 September 2011



haha love this post
I have brought so many pairs of shoes that i can't wear and can't walk in but sooo needed :/




If you were looking for something comfy, you would buy a pair of sneakers, right?
When a shoe is love at first sight, every girl overlooks the comfy factor.
You just need them! At all costs!


Well, as some of my naughty friends like to say, there are shoes that you just wear when you're on your back ;-)

Sister Wolf

no no no, my Queen, we will just fall down or twist our ankles in those shoes. We must consult on this. xoxoxoxoxo

Labella Luxe

I totally agree with you. No, I can't walk or stand in those shoes. However, they are so cute I would love to have them.

suzanne aka Punk Glam Queen

Ack gorge sous. Deadly too! Even for me and my inappropriate footwear!


I do have one pair black ones and I feel sorry for you that you are not able to walk in this shoes , but for example I don't have problem with that att all ! I did wear them for couple of events already and they seems fine. I can't agree with that post at :(!

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