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Monday, 12 September 2011



You look fierce!

Maja Piraja

Your refusal to wear Wang with slouchy tanks and denim shorts is why we read The Kingdom. Neither you nor Queen Marie is a Generic Blogger Girlâ„¢ and that is why we love you!

Stella Mayfair

ahhh, techno green! i know exactly what kind of garments you're talking about.
and the wang shoes are great. they remind me of geisha sandals, in a way, techno geisha, maybe?

Kingdom Of Style

Techno Geisha - love it!

Kingdom Of Style

ooooh perfect for stomping and as for techno geisha? - GENIUS

That could be my new look for fall

Queen Marie

Techno style is so cool!
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Small denim shorts would be too much of a cliche (and goosebumps also are never a great look as the year slouches into Autumn and beyond).

On a slightly tangential note I am also impressed that your feet that appear unblemished despite your ballet devotion and the punishments of en pointe!

Kingdom Of Style

MizzC it's funny should mention my blemish free feet. I was reading somewhere that someone was very concerned about my feet because of ballet and pointe work, but I've literally not had so much as a blister as a result of my pointe shoes or ballet. I was told by a former ballet teacher that some girls feet get torn to shreds, whilst some just sail through without a scratch. I think I'm one of the lucky ones! Q.Michelle x


What a good sense of twisting army outfit ! Love the layers, especially your leather off-the-shoulder top !
That's a good thing you don't follow what everyone puts with this type of shoes, the result is much more original free and inspiring !
Keep going please :-)

xo from France
Rocky Girl


are you allowed to get on here and say 'that outfit looks bl**dy awful'? sorry. the one good thing I can say is that you really suit buttoned up collars, but the rest just looks uncomfortable.

Kingdom Of Style

You can absolutely say that here Leila. I am in no way a people pleaser so people who don't like what I wear don't bother me at all.

Stella Mayfair

wow, thank you so much, dear queens. please use techno geisha all you like, i'll be so proud!
finally i put my copy writing skills to a really good use. some of my customers do not seem to appreciate what i write these days. so, you two made my day today :-)


Phew!! wasn't sure if i would be banned after that....only cause everyone is always saying how much they love what you're wearing, and i don't always love it. but i am a fan of this blog, and especially many of the designers featured .
by the way....i so don't get the alexa chung hype, so was happy to read your post!


wooot i love your outfit posts. so true about the wang/marant thing in blogland haha. great shoes though, even better colour!

Shabby Chic Furniture

very dominant boots.

... makes you think ;)

Suzanne aka Punk Glam Queen

I believe those are the lowest heels I've ever seen you in! Love the colour, shape, everything. And you styled it perfectly to suit you!

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