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Tuesday, 23 August 2011



I find Queen Mishelle's outfit posts enjoyable, and I hope to see more of this. The ballet posts are also nice to read once in a while.

Stella Mayfair

happy birthday, dear kingdom!
i especially enjoy reading about new (and sometimes weird) fashion or style or deco talent you queens magically discovered. plus: how about a monthly mixtape?


Congratulations! I found your blog for the first time over four years ago, immediately proceeded to read all the archives, and have been following ever since. So as far as I'm concerned you're doing it all right. I have particularly enjoyed the recent introduction of Queen Marie outfit posts (Queen Michelle outfits have always been a favorite post-type), so would encourage the continuation of that development. I seem to remember more DIY posts earlier on, it may just be that you're not making much nowadays but that is something I would be happy to see again. But on the whole I'd just say your blog is pretty perfect, very inspiring and always a treat. Thanks, Your Majesties!

Queen Michelle

Stella, we have been thinking about getting Prince B's his own little side widget so he can update it with mixes and also tunes he's produced. So that's in the works. Monthly updates might not happen, but there will be definitely something on the go soon.

Jessica, yes the DIY has fallen completely by the wayside. I don't really have time any more, but I also felt a lot of my 'creations' were pretty bloody awful. But I might see if I can get inspired again and try and get that back up and running.

Make Do Style

IT is 5 years, it seems like yesterday and you have not monetised (tick) and remained true to ethos of blogging (double tick).

I'm in agreement with Prince B's mixing sounds fab.

I loved the look into where you got your vintage items from. So I deduce that means I want more what you do in Glasgie stuff! I think you should mix it up again re posting - double trouble ones, Queen Marie to do one that is in the week - one from you at weekend.

Carry on that is what I say!! xx


Dear Queens, happy anniversary!
KOS was the first fashion blog I ever read and it definately helped to shape and refine my own style. Through KOS, I discovered lovely labels like Black Milk and Underground shoes, so many thanks for this :)
I love how both of you are so creative and so fearless in your personal styles, what a great inspiration! Thus... more outfit posts of you, both of you, and maybe some joint posts? How much fun would it be to see Marie dressing Michelle and vice-versa? :)
To many more fun& inspiring years for KOS!


Happy 5th Birthday to you all - time really flies when you are having fun. I like reading up on the new designers, the outfit posts, your trip outs etc. Everything already no need to change a thing x x


I know it's probably difficult considering you're both really busy, but more DIYs would be wonderful


Congrats to 5 years blogging! Love all that you do. Love the vintage items that you find.
I have been reading for a long time..but never have commented. I love the out doors I live in South Africa it is so good to see a glimpse of lovely greenery. Also like Prince B mixes.
All the best to you.


Hey Marie and Michelle! I read blogs religiously but KoS is the only one I read every word of every day for the last couple of years. So great work! You obviously have a very loyal fan base going by all of the comments and feedback. So if you didnt change a thing then it wouldnt matter. But in saying that, these are some of my fav things I like to see:
I liked the DIY posts, but I understand that it is hard to find the time for these things.
I am a design student so I also find any of your design work, collaborations, or posts to do with design to be very interesting. So I would welcome more design posts! Even sketches and scribblings can be good to translate ideas and thoughts, might be a new way to show your ideas and inspirations on the blog?
Also I love looking at any photography, but maybe some more pictures taken around Glasgow or any adventures you go on? I love seeing the everyday life in Scotland, the streets, and scenery. So I can imagine that im there and dream about when I finally visit Britain!
Just some suggestions. Thanks for all the time and effort you both put in to this long term project.


Perfect for me!!! I adore your so personnal style :-)
The posts from Queen Marie are not interesting for me but I can understand people love them.
Go on like that!!


There used to be more outfit posts, which I loved, didn't you used to style one item in three different outfits or something like that? I miss those! And of course, the DIY's! Also, maybe some more insight into your wardrobe? Also, more Queen Marie outfits! I also remember when you started doing ballet posts, she was going to do posts on her hobby as well, but I don't think she ever did?

Queen Michelle

Thank you everyone who commented and tweeted feedback. Very helpful indeed.
The summary seems to be:
Outfits - I know the outfits posts have been reduced dramatically overall to one, maybe two a week if I can manage it. But I'll try and do more. Hopefully Queen Marie can manage to do more too.
I do most of my posts at the weekend and time them to go live through the week, so writing them and doing photos, even for the one or two outfits posts, pretty much takes up the whole weekend. But yes, perhaps I can try and fit a little more in. Even one more? Or style one item up several ways again. The lightening in the house as been pretty terrible so I need to always take photos outside now, and that would involve running up and down to the flat a bunch of times! But I'll see what I can do.
DIY - absolutely need to get cracking on those again. I'll start small and work my way up.
Marie's hobby - there haven't been any as yet because it's a very unusual hobby and one she will get round to writing about, but it won't be what you expect at all!
More design - I do want to start featuring more graphic design so that will definitely happen
Music - get Prince B to do more mixes and I'll put together playlists and get a player incorporated into the sidebar (any suggestions of good players that can be embedded into the blog?)


congratulations! i love this blog. i would like to know more about what lipstick you are wearing in this picture! and generally just more from both of you. also ballet, as you've inspired me to find a ballet class here in china to attend, as an adult beginner..


oops, sorry! the lipstick in the post up above..

Sarah G

Happy Birthday to one of my favourite fashion blogs!!!! :) I basically think that the blog is perfect...if it ain't broke etc...

But if I had to nitpick...

More DIY! One of the first posts I read was the skirt you made from shower flower thingies! From then, I was hooked!

More outfit posts from both you and Marie!

More ballet posts too! I think they are my favourite thing on the blog just now!

re: good music players...I remember seeing a soundcloud player thing on a blog once??

And so glad you are not giving in to The Man by becoming all about the money. Much respect!


Belated Happy Birthday to you both.

I really enjoy the weekend posts from Queen Marie and would love to see more outfit posts from her (but then I'm very nosy) She has introduced me to many a new online seller and my house is filling up with beautiful treasures from the likes of Etsy and Angel at my Table

I love the outfit (I did mention I was nosy) and ballet posts from you Michelle. Your designer and collection show cases expose me to new looks and I guess my own personal style has evolved from their influences.

So just more of the same for me, please.


I really love the ballet posts. It's influenced me to want to take up ballet too, keep 'em up! Well done on your progress Queen Michelle.


Happy birthday to my favorite blog!
I have been a follower of your blog for a few years now, and I must say that some of my favorite posts from your blog were the DIY projects that you put up. If you are still making your own DIY fashions, I know I would love to see them, and I would love it even more if you showed how you did!
* My favorite projects were the ones using bath poufs, and a leather garter that you made.


love your blog the way it is! keep on truckin :)

Jason @ belts and buckles

If it ain't broke, your majesty, don't fix it!

Keep it as it is!


Wow, where does the time go!? I love what you ladies do, and couldn't really ask for anything more...if I REALLY think about it...of course I love to see more DIYs but I know very well how time consuming that is...but I DO love them!

kisses and congrats from Montreal!


I would love to see more post of the both of you together!


I would love to see more outfit posts from Queen Michelle!


Happy Anniversary, Ladies!! Yours was one of the very first fashion blogs that I read and I am so grateful that I found you. I love the variety that you offer -- outfit posts, new discoveries, favorites, hobbies, DIY, music, pointe shoes, leather, leggings, and even crone cream. I love it all and I will always visit regularly. Thank you. And Congrats!


Hey Queen Marie and Queen Michelle! I've been following your blog for 2 years. I love the variety of your posts. I remember once you did a Q & A on camera that I found quite entertaining. Would you ever consider making more videos?


I have to agree with a couple of the posts here, and I have actually wanted to comment on this for a while.

Queen Michelle's posts are stylish, ingeniously puzzled together and accessorized within an inch of life, while Queen Marie's are twee, pedestrian and ill-fitting to the rest of the blog. They just don't go together. Queen Marie needs to find another outlet for family pictures and garden frolicking.

It just doesn't GO.

I hate to say that. Thanks for the opportunity to feedback...


I used to live in Glasgow (that's actually how I found your blog back in 2008!) and I miss it so much. Think I actually saw you, Queen Michelle, once in the city centre but wasn't quite sure. Anyway, would love to see you and Queen Marie showcasing your style choices in and around different places in the city, and also your favourite shops, spaces and scenery. And the outfit posts are fab! Love the blog, you've kept me reading for three years now, long may it last :)


Love you both! I'd also like to see some photos of the ladies around town, at different cool places in Glasgow and wherever you travel!

I'm dying to visit Scotland (Glasgow, Edinburgh, the highlands, Orkney, everywhere!) one day and would love to hear from you about the fun things to do there.


Congrats!! I like the fashion related posts most; outfit posts (more more ;)) and posts about newly discovered designers / new collections. Also the mixed tape from prince B are the best!

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