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Wednesday, 31 August 2011



Hi Michelle! Been reading your blog solidly for 2 years or more, and love it. I started reading it because I loved your outfit posts, back then you were wearing a heap of vintage corsets and girdles, feather headresses etc. Man I used to love that! The reason I love your outfit posts is because when you read a magazine, I always come out feeling "well that's very nice but it doesn't fit my lifestyle or budget. I feel you bring fashion to an obtainable level, you look hot but in a way that we can go - I can look hot too! Anyway, thanks. : ) I got into your blog because of the outfit posts, and I know they've changed, buy we're all people and we do change. Still read your blog and love it. If you Change it I will if you keep it the same I will. You blog about what you are interested in at the time. You are a super hero for keeping it up! By the way loving the Glasgow posts. So change can be good! But hey it was good before. Thanks for all of the inspiration. : ) kate


Dearest Queen,

It seems you post how inspiring a lookbook is. Maybe you could take a look and see how it inspires you into an outfit. In the same hand, when you post a new designer and an item catches your eye, does it fit in line with a past outfit you could take a snapshot of to remind us? I think it's great when I see a bloggers past in current posts as it reminds me of how they have or havent change.

With utmost regard,



What changed your enthusiasm about the outfit shots? Maybe you need to find what excited you again about dressing? I'm not sure if you are unexcited about dressing though.

You could choose characters in movies, or books, or just images you find that you like. Maybe you can have some sort of wardrobe challenge with another blogger? Like you both do blue, or interpretation of a character, or an outfit for a song. You could do it with another blogger for a bit then switch up to another blogger, and keep going. People could moodboard an outfit for you and you could do your real life version. I'd like to see you lots of different ways. I'd love to see a secretary version of you, or just ways you wouldn't normally dress.

That's all I got right now lady :)


you could dress up for occasions (which you might not be attending) IE: the mtv music awards, the grammies, the oscars, movie preview, book signing etc. as an event comes up in the annual calender you could pretend you're going.

Kingdom Of Style

Swan my enthusiasm hasn't changed at all, I still love doing them but the logistics have changed a lot. Before I was either freelance, or without a job, so had way more time to do them, but now I am entirely limited to photographing outfits at the weekend, so only have time to do one, maybe two. Also, I need to take photos outside now as the lightening in the house is way too dull and VERY rarely bright enough, otherwise I could play around more and not be limited to certain daylight hours. BUT on the other hand, people seem to want more outfits from us so we'd be foolish to not at least try. Good suggestions though.
I REALLY like the idea of working with another blogger - a style challenges. Any takers?

Kingdom Of Style

This is interesting Cherylline - could dress for an completely absurd ocassion I'd never attend in real life.


I'd certainly second the theme idea - whether that be an event that's happening, a theme picked by you, or even one suggested by readers. It could certainly make it more of a challenge!


I like the fake occasion idea, and the theme one generally. That might inspire you down routes you might not go down otherwise. Both your styles are very different, how about now and then you lend one piece to the other and see if you can style it in your own way?

I meant to comment on the other post, but I was away. I come here are because this is one of the few blogs that strikes the right note with me (no squealing fangirls, or risk of being insulted or patronised in the comments), both of you complement each other to make a really great whole. Also, once you get past your mid 30s you need something to shake you out of your fears of what you should and shouldn't wear, and although I could never wear what Queen Michelle wears due to being completely the wrong shape, I get lots of inspiration from both your outfit posts. Thanks your joint majesties ;)


I think it is maybe not necessary entirely to write off the possibility of posting quick-ish posts of snaps of what you have just worn that day, on the days when you happen to have felt inspired. Of course your outfit feature posts usually show a few different ways of wearing something, but over time you might come up with new ways of wearing the same pieces, and I personally find it inspiring to see bloggers revisiting old favourites, rather than always showing only the new. Partly due to the throw-away nature of the fashion industry, it's nice to go against that and remind people that something does not have to be new to be exciting. Maybe dig out some things from the back of the wardrobe that haven't received much love lately, and see if you can wear them very differently from how you used to? That sort of thing.


Your Majesties - first off, thanks for this blog, which I have been following for a good coupla years: quite simply, you rule!

Secondly - I guess what I love best in outfit posts is when I think, "God, I never thought of doing that!" - whether it's a clever way of layering, or curious and strange way of putting things together that I would not have thought of. I love to see you both wearing amazing new swag, but often it's beyond budget or functions to me a bit like going to an art gallery - something beautiful and compelling to look at that has very little to do with my everyday life. I'm not really sure what I'm saying, other than that I do love to come away from the blog wanting to roll up my sleeves and start tinkering with my own wardrobe.

However - whatever you do will, I am sure, be amaze. X

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