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Saturday, 27 August 2011



C'mon, dear Queen, you could make it for much less money. Buy a bag of the rhinestones with the metal settings - they sell them in the craft stores in Canada, along with the closures, and some tulle in a fabric store. Sew them on the tulle. You may also find ones that don't require sewing - the metal part goes underneath the tulle, the claws stick through it; then you put the rhinestone in and close the claws on the "right side". It's simpler than it sounds. I don't see it as overly complicated project.


It's very pretty!! I'm sure you could make one yourself or find someone to make it for you!

Carmen Ri.


It wouldn't be that hard to make, but that's a lot of crystals. Not far off 1000 or so I'd guess. It would add up even as a DIY project.

It is gorgeous.


either of these with a champagne coloured swath of bib like fabric underneath would be pretty beautiful, tho not quite the same thickness of rhinestones.


either of these with champagne mesh underneath would be similar, perhaps. they also have beautiful encrusted bracelets that seem very kingdom of style (if you ask me) in the same shop. ^_^


OMGosh, I was salivating too, and quickly scrolled down, hoping it was attainable. Alas, it is not *sigh* Will just stare at it a little longer.....


If you've got time/patience to sew on millions of shiny bits it wouldn't be hard to make, just tulle & swarovski claw crystals. They're expensive buggers though so would probably set you back at least $100 in materials.

Kingdom Of Style

Maya, you make it sound so simple but trust me I am as clumsy as I am impatient.
But if there was no sewing involved I could maybe just take my time.
SOmething to think about...


Sample Remix

yeah that would be easy to make, as the other's have said it's just tulle and crytals. Would just be time consuming, but not hard.

Sarah G

You could easily make this about a tenner!!!!

No sewing! Instead of the metal clasp at the back, just tie the two ends together!



I have no patience for sewing either - the clip-on claw metal settings are the solution, if you can get them. It's not going to be anywhere near $795!

The Fashington Press

ive seen this before and it hit a soft spot...not too good on the wallet!! :(


Others beat me to it...i was going to say you can make that.


I say DIY!!! not a hardie :))


Hi! I saw the picture of this necklace on Pinterest, which led me to your blog. It caught my eye because it is very close to the necklace I wore for my wedding. Here is the link to the Etsy seller, Portobello, who made it:

She was wonderful through the whole process. I actually bought my veil from her too, and I loved both of the pieces. (And the necklace was a little more affordable than the Vera Wang version.) :-) Happy shopping!


Hi! I followed a picture of this necklace on Pinterest to your blog. It caught my eye because it is very similar to the necklace I wore for my wedding. Here is a link to the seller on Etsy:

I had a great experience with the seller. I actually bought my veil from her as well, and I loved both pieces.

This piece is a little cheaper than the V.W. version, and still gorgeous!

Happy shopping!


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