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Wednesday, 20 July 2011



Is there any other colour?


Your boots are gorgeous. Which brand are they?

queen michelle

Carla they were just from River Island x


Very Cool! I've got the same Tee...yeah!


+ Bright Blue nails! :)where's the top from?

queen michelle

Got it from Urban Outfitters last year. I only just found it again after losing it for months and months!

I have those boots (River Island right?), they're the most uncomfortable shoes ever!!

Labella Luxe

Love, love, love the boots!


How do you get your bun to look so perfect?

Queen Michelle

I use a thing called a donut, which is a foamy donut thing, and you thread you hair though it and wrap the rest around and pin it


Some days? Every day! And *what* is in that ice lolly??


Queen Michelle

Duck I found these lollies in the local Farmfoods. They are actually called Horror Lollies! Black fruit flavoured ice, vanilla ice cream and a gooey red jelly stuff in the middle.


pretty, pretty photies! x

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