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Monday, 04 April 2011



That's such a cool biker jacket! Love the shoes & bag too!


you look stunning and your outfit is so avant garde, I love it! you look fabulous.

Love amie xoxo


wish I had a penny for every time you wrote 'coooo look at this it's amazing but I can't have it' only for you to post how you're brought it a few days later.

queen michelle

Ah, the wonder of earning a living - sometimes you find ways to treat yourself.

Joy D.

Biker jackets and bright heels are the way to go! i have always enjoyed you mixture of feminine and masculine pieces.

queen michelle

"Biker jackets and bright heels are the way to go" - I totally agree Joy D. But decent bright heels are so hard to find, don't you think?

Fashion Agony

May I say those shoes are stunning! :D



Strangely 2 of my favourite spring things are cherry blossoms and the sound of motorcycles. So this is pretty perfect.


Great post!! Lovely jacket xoxo

Kate Junior



I can just imagine how excited you were when you got that jacket - it's so perfect for you! Amazing outfit, you look a bit like some kickass rock geisha viewing the cherry blossoms...


the shirt brings something elegant to the jacket by adding movement to the fabrics and lifting the colour-scheme, which is then vibrantly interrupted by neon punctuations within the kick-ass shoes. It's amazing how shoes can transform things so easily.


This is kind of gothic to me but sexy. I love how you choose the red lips to go with this attire. Awesome!


I can only say - AMAZING!


Blossoms already?!! I think I have a month at least to go before I see those...


I love your jacket!

This is a really interesting spring look. Looks effortless and so cool.


I mean obviously everything about this is amazing, saw a girl on the subway today wearing a sheer skirt and she really just didn't pull it off... this is how it's supposed to look! Also, I must confess that as I'm looking at this post I can't help but marvel at what great skin you have! What is your secret?!

queen michelle

CG, here's what I think works for me: a daily light exfoliating scrub, an SPF 20 moisturiser since I was 20 and not wearing foundation or anything that clogs pores.

troy and stephano from Necklush

totally amazing, you are the best! thank you for the Necklush shout-out, we really do appreciate it very much! have a wonderful spring, hope it gets there soon!!! Troy and Stephano::)


adore those shoes!! Looking for some killer colour blocks and ideas?

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